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  1. @lazyjedeye, I also think so (more value) since this is a signature model. Scouting some local music stores here in Singapore just to see if one will pop up. @paltic, any luck seeing this model in Manila?
  2. nice... another completed mustang project.
  3. Suddenly, I'm stoked about this guitar. My heart just started pumping fast... Same feeling when I watched porn for the first time. Priced at GBP328.
  4. Huh! Your place already looks like a guitar shop. =)
  5. - Quicker way is not to take out the strings. Just loosen and tie the strings with a rubber band around the neck. Then loosen the bolt-on screws until you can lift the butt of the neck to access the truss rod nut. - For me 11s sound tighter with OD but does not ring well for clean sound (also because I have lighter hands). You can also set your action lower because 11s will vibrate less due to higher string tension and will cause lesser string buzz. I find it stabilize the tuning a bit because it fights off the spring tension better. I also noticed that majority of guys here use 10s or 11s with their mustangs or any other short scale guitar like jaguars and jag-stangs.
  6. Jag-stangs come with kluson type tuners. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/images/large/099-2040-000.jpg just make sure the old owner did not enlarge the tuner holes. If so, you cannot use the kluson type tuners unless you get a conversion bushings (10mm) . http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/tuners_partsbushings.htm
  7. Aside from the intonation, you may need to re-adjust the bridge height. Less string tension may tend to let the truss rod pull the neck away from the bridge causing lower string action and buzzing. If the neck pulls so much, you may have to loosen the truss rod a wee bit. You may also need to adjust the tailpiece to balance the tension created by tailpiece springs and the strings. Normally, a lower tailpiece creates a stiffer feel on the trem and the strings. If you are used to with the feel of your current string gauge, better stick with the gauge your guitar is at now.
  8. Finally, just did it. Some screw holes doesn't match and I have to file the pickguard's edges at the neck, trem and control area. But turns out good. I like it better than the white guard.
  9. Yeah coz that one had the toggle switch installed at the upper horn, if I'm not mistaken. Also, the right angled toggle switch like the ones used for toronado will require a larger cavity.
  10. No need to punch a hole through the entire body. Do it similar to Duo-Sonic or Cyclone. There's just a circular cavity/route behind the pickguard where the toggle switch should be. A les Paul/SG type switch should also work fine as it doesn't need a deep cavity.
  11. I prefer multiple guitar rack. With your collection you'll need at least 2 of them rack for 5 guitars. That's one long line of guitars.
  12. Does anyone know what is the radius of AOM? 10"? 9.5"? I assume it is not 12" since this is meant for Fenders. I've seen one at guitarpartsresource but the radius was not mentioned.
  13. Looking good! I'm just wondering why you go with the white pickups. But anyway, still looks classy.
  14. Me too... I'm curious about the hardtail mustang. I have not seen the guitar in person. Guess I have to wait for a few months before somebody brings it here. Or maybe not....
  15. Maybe I should just keep it in a closet and wait for my kid to grow up. =) Probably after ten years I will say "here you go son! you can have it." I was trying to connect with my jagmaster but then still being drawn back to my mustang. =)
  16. Need your opinion how collectible is the CIJ Jagmaster. Please rate 1 to 10. Thinking of selling mine to upgrade to either a BT or a CP jazzmaster. Cannot decide yet coz I might later regret this. Thanks!
  17. I can set the pickup almost touching the strings or until the pickup plate touched the pickguard. With the tunematic bridge I have to set the pickup high.
  18. I'm using modern tune-matic bridge. Cut a quarter of the screw post and wrap a bit of tape. Just insert then you're good to go. ABR screw post will require a lot of tape wrap to be able to fit snugly into the bridge holes. I think tape wraps decrease sustain in which mustang is already notorious of.
  19. I do not do a lot of tunings with my mustang. Just standard and a half step down. I brought down the tailpiece lower so the tension is still there when tuned half step lower. But not too much to cause the trem hard to use when tuned back to standard tuning. I still want a bit of flutter when I use my trem. Also, I shimmed the neck to increase the break angle with the bridge.
  20. the pickguard routing may not be large enough. here's mine
  21. nice looking cyclone. last time I played one at a guitar shop- cyclone's modern c-shape is a bit rounder compared to mustang's thin neck, medium jumbo frets and flatter radius. My squier cyclone has the same specs but feels different from fender's.
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