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  1. It's not bad. It also balances the hotness and volume of bridge humbucker.
  2. Some pickups like the texmex can be pushed to adjust the poles. I have several pickups which are non-adjustable. If it can be pushed down/up that means it is adjustable. But I am not sure if it can damage the pickup by doing so.
  3. Yup, unless you want to replace your bridge with a TOM, better get a TB-4.
  4. It'll be too bright you put it in the neck position because bridge pickups are usually hotter. Based on my experience. I did it to my Cyclone and i received a comment that my guitar is too bright. it was a 7.4 Kohms vintage voiced pickup btw. I ended up replacing the neck pickup with a 62 reissue neck (6.0 KOhms) which is a warmer neck pickup. But I think having a neck pickup within 6 to 7 Kohms would not make a lot of difference. I also found out that even with the neck pickups, different types got different characteristics. These are the only neck pickups I have tried though - tex mex, vintage 54 type, vintage 62 reissue . Just today I just replaced my mustang's neck tex mex with a Tesla VR-1 (a vintage '54 type- cheap korean brand but having a lot of good reviews here in Singapore).
  5. Get the blue one. Mod it and keep the stock parts.
  6. It's kinda 2 in 1 also - a cleaner and a conditioner. And cheaper.
  7. Line6 is a good choice if you would like to get a certain sound from a certain artist or genre. I have a Line6 Toneport UX1 plugged to my PC. With a good monitor, it can sound insanely good. Of course, you can still distinguish the digital-ness of these emulating softwares. But like I said, it will get you near to the sound you are after without costing you huge bucks!
  8. I also use lemon oil every six months to clean up the gunk and condition the fretboard. If you use to often too much, oil might sit in between frets and loosen up the frets over time.
  9. It's not that bad. The only thing flabby is the noodling part at the start of the video. On a side note, I thnk this guy sounds pretty close.
  10. Don't do it... Your mods to your Jagmaster makes it unique.
  11. A salute to the man who will rock out with his Bronco! Guitars like Duo-Sonic and Broncos have different appeal. The moment you see them it's like you've been swung back to time.
  12. No GAS at the moment... Thank God.

  13. Here are some asian brands I know of. A notch above squiers and epi, IMO. Swing: http://swingguitars.com/English/english_main.html Edwards: http://www.guitarjapan.com/edwards/index.html
  14. Can't imagine your issue with the mustang bridge. Pics would help.
  15. How about starting a thread about guitars with comp stripes. We'll see which ones work, which ones fail. Try to imagine a Les Paul with comp stripes. hehe.
  16. I was hoping the bridge was a floating trem. But I think they would resemble closely to blacktop model if squier do that.
  17. Thanks! I love the all black look but now I'm too lazy to start some guitar tinkering. Meanwhile, white guard stays.
  18. here. http://www.jag-stang.com/guitars/pickup-selector-switching-mod/ I think there are other topics here regarding alternate wirings. Try to search the mustang and jag-stang section since both of them share the same wiring scheme.
  19. Just got back from holiday. Pickguard has arrived but no time to do. It's a bit off near the control plate area. Tell me what you think. VS
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