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  1. Here. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/electrical_kitsmustang.htm You might also want to do some alternate wirings which can be found in the Mustang section.
  2. Finally ordered the pickguard after a lot of second thoughts. Might arrive next week but I would be coming back to Manila to spend Christmas. I may need a Trembucker so not to drill another hole for the pickup screw. See how it goes. Been busy last few months so I seldom visit. Things have been slow (jag-stang.com) these days it seems.
  3. Black Top gives me GAS. Last time I commented I don't dig Jaguar BT. But after seeing the demos and pics, gives me total GAS!. BTW, nice "music room"!
  4. The reissue posts and springs should fit. If you can get one... I think they're the same size except for the size of the hex screw. About the pickups, it's up to you to throw new ones if you don't like the sound of old pickups. Just remember to keep the original pickups in case you plan to sell it in future. And, Welcome.
  5. I go for Jagmaster. Happen to have one. Feels like a Fender. Supersonic looks cool. I bet it feels like a Fender too.
  6. Haven't done yet. Will give update once I do. It seems I need to change the humbucker with those that can fit into 2 screw holes. I know SeymourDuncan have this.
  7. lucky you. with the price rising, used markets does follow. But I think 'fair' price for a used good condish jaguar should not exceed USD600.
  8. A new Jaguar CP here cost ard SGD1600+ (ard USD1100). A used CIJ Jaguar sometimes pops up in the market for SGD1200 (ard USD800). Ishibashi seems to have a reasonable price for used guitars. I use it as benchmark for used gear price.
  9. nice... these are worthy entries to AXEWAR.com!
  10. haha! see how the serviceman jaguar will pair up. having a catchy title helps . i think?
  11. reverend seems to have a well built guitars. http://www.reverendguitars.com/reverend/guitars/set_neck_series.html http://www.reverendguitars.com/reverend/guitars/bolt_on_series.html
  12. both nice... white with pearloid pg looks unique although not much has changed.
  13. try from his links here. http://www.marcelroy.com/parts.html
  14. i dig the jazzmaster aka glorified jagmaster... Fender has crossed the line with the other models...too bastardized...
  15. My 65 reissue, overall yes.. sexy and light body, nice neck profile, nice sounding neck pickup... Except for bridge pickup which is weak but can be remedied by adjusting the pickup height. Neck pickup is ok...not stratty, I find it a bit mellower. Also, took me 2+ years to finally find the bridge set-up that works for me... I accept her for what she is... 60 cycle hum and everything.
  16. Will a Fender Cyclone pickguard fit into a Squier Cyclone? Have anyone done this kind of swap? The seller cannot answer my question confidently. http://cgi.ebay.com/B-W-B-pickguard-fit ... ccessories Thanks!
  17. it won't fit. do it right, send the trace of the pickguard.
  18. Here it is. Some lame demo. Nevermind the ####ty playing. Didn't bother to show the different tone settings as people already know how raspy the DS-1 is.
  19. A local tech calls it his tri-gain mod - his take on Keeley mod, I think ( I haven't tried one). Locally, it's known as Beez Mod DS-1. On a side note, the guy runs a music/tech shop and a great blues player too (LookForBeez.com). 1st mode is normal DS-1 (but a bit smoother), 2nd and 3rd mode has volume gain of about 50% but has less distortion. More of an overdrive. 3rd mode has a Seeing eye mod.
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