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  1. Those are hidden treasures. Not really, haha. The DS-1 is a bit special as it's my first stomp box. The beat-up DS-2 is just for curiosity. There are some settings that DS-1 and RAT sound alike. I use DS-1 for times I feel using a raspy distortion.
  2. Sorry I take it back, it does fit into my 65 RI mustang. Mine came from a vintage 65 bridge and tailpiece bought from ebay.
  3. Those are a modded DS-1 and a DS-2 which switch places with the RAT. I use OD-3 for boost but it adds too much color. I'm looking at MXR Micro Amp to replace it. Otherwise it's a decent overdrive. Still saving up for a DD-3. For now that Artec will stay in my board.
  4. here's my simple set-up for gigs: No. 1 guitar: Chop-Chop 65 RI Mustang korg pitchblack -> RAT -> OD3 -> Small Clone -> TR-2 -> Artec Analog Delay Laney VC15 is for home use.
  5. it was in poor condition and setup when i got it. fixed the strap button, set the action, shimmed the neck pocket and corrected the intonation. neck was really playable though. the fretboard width and a slightly narrow string spacing is perfect. the pickup mod brought life to the guitar's sound.
  6. modifed squier cyclone - sky pickups (HRO-1 and STV4B) and a push-pull pot mod
  7. Picked up one last week. Squier Affinity series telecaster. The quality is solid, nice rounded C neck, weighed just right. I think pickup replacement is the only mod I'll do.
  8. I guess we're the only pinoys here. Finally got into a band after 2 years of bedroom playing. Switched from keys to rhythm guitar after the other guitarist quit. Still got a lot of things to learn. I can only do power chords. oh yeah, just completed my mustang project. I actually posted a thread at the mustang section. I have no plans of modding my vista jagmaster. That one will stay stock. It sounds more aggressive and it feels like a fender. But I still prefer my franken-stang for gigs. My wishlist is the MIM toronado deluxe that's why I voted for Toronado .
  9. Now that's the story behind the eddie mustang. This one's special.
  10. This is the most "different" mustang i've seen so far. Reminds me of PRS guitars. Is it 24" scale?
  11. paltic, "kabayan". Good find. Better not part with that GT HH. I have not seen a single jag-stang, mustang or jaguar at guitars stores in Manila. Here in Singapore, once in a while a few pieces pop up but the price tags are high. Most are at USD1K onwards. Last week I saw a J. Mascis Jazzmaster (i guess.. coz it's purple) from a local shop. Damn, it's eye candy! But I've never seen a jagmaster here. I guess I'm the only one with a jagmaster.
  12. haha original post 1st january though This is really one guitar project. Nice one. Pls post some vid of your guitar in action.
  13. Yeah, i have one as well. its the best sounding (cheap) delay IMO. agree!
  14. haha! It does what is say it is. Grungy and loud. Smoother than DS1. But that's the only thing I can get so I traded it for an MT-2. Sounds fizzzy on my ss mgcd15r. I wonder how it sounds in a tube amp. Offloaded it before I got a decent tube amp.
  15. what do you think of the Artec delay? It's damn cheap but has warmth compared to digital delays. Cool thing is that it oscillates if REPEAT is set pass 3 o'clock. For now it'll stay in my pedal board until I can save up for a Memory Toy. Delays are priced high.
  16. I find pathfinder 15r sounds boxey and lacks bass compare to a mgcd15r. Must be due to the open-back design. But maybe in a closed bedroom it'll sound different. The tremolo on the pathfinder gives it's edge over the Mg series.
  17. I bet refretting it would cost more than the actual price of the neck. Similar things happen to my mustang. So when I notice the strings' nickel coat has worn out, I replace them immediately. I think the metal of the strings will eat away the softer fret wires. Not sure if someone here has the same opinion.
  18. You are one creative dude! Well, this was my pedal board 2 years ago. Fashioned from an old cabinet door which my wife painted black. Talk about lack of imagination. The only good thing is it can fit inside a laptop bag. Now I use Gator board that comes with a softcase.
  19. Lol! I thought it'd look better with the extended butt.
  20. keep it like this but make a jag bottom horn? round? yup. See how it looks. More of a mustang top, jag bottom.
  21. Mustang will not sustain like a les paul but can be improved by: 1. Tighten the tailpiece ( as lots of guys suggested here). But i don't do it coz it alters the feel of tremolo. I just increase the angle of string to bridge enough to make the trem not feel tight. Some who doesn' t use trem prefer to lock it. 2. Securing the rocking bridge. I think the stock bridge dampens the sound transfer to the body causing notes to decay rapidly. Plus of course mustang's weak pickup. This is just my theory though. I am using a TOM bridge which i think has a lesser play for a better coupling. I think the best way to improve sustain is to replace the entire bridge with a modern TOM but it's tough to do and undo this mod. 3. Hotter amp. May not increase sustain but notes will ring better. Our ears may perceive it as increased sustain. 4. Hotter pickup. Well, i did it. To me my mustang still sounds like a mustang. But the TS already omitted this option.
  22. Can u please post a photo with the lower horn trimmed similar to a jaguar? Tnx.
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