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  1. does it matter what amp you're using? i mean the pedal + amp combination?
  2. i've put 11-49 and it reduced the buzzing. still buzzes but it's tolerable... thanks.
  3. Not me, Fender Bullet 009-042 generally, sometimes I use 009-040 on the Jag-Stang to get some of that Twang added to the sound. did you set your action higher? light strings tend to buzz or rattle...that's what i get from using 10-46. i guess mixing different strings is a good idea...
  4. Hi guys! My low E string rattles when i pluck it quite hard. Sometimes i'm getting a little buzz on other strings up to the 5th/6th frets. I'm using .10 - .46 gauge strings. I'm trying to change the way i strum but sometimes i tend to strum or pluck the string hard. I already loosened the truss rod. I tried raising the action but it's too uncomfortabe for me. I read a review by Jazzman regarding putting a flatwound string on a Jaguar. Can I do it on a Mustang to reduce the rattling of E string? What about the tone? What is the highest gauge Mustangs can take? Thanks. Your answers mean a lot!
  5. cheezz... i didn't know it had to be simultaneuos. it should not ruin your bridge if don't follow exactly, right?
  6. you can go to ishibashi.co.jp. They have an english translated page there (in which the translations are funny). you can have a choice of brand new or used mustangs(used mustangs are hard to find) you can email them but their english is not too good.
  7. i got it for 57600yen + shipping from ishibashi (japanese website). I choose it over Mustang69. how bout yours?
  8. i think we got the same guitar. mine's in daphne blue. btw, here are the specs in case you still don't have it... BODY POPLAR NECK MAPLE OVAL TYPE, 305 SCALE FRETBOARD ROSEWOOD, 184R, 22F NUT WIDTH 41mm PICKUPS MG65-VINTAGE x 2 CONTROLS & SWITCH 1VOL(CTS), 1TONE(CTS), PU ON/OFF/REVERSE SW TREMOLO MG65 DYNAMIC VIBRATO decal with patent number. Schaller Machine heads with aged paddles. CTS pods andd US knobs and pickguard Alnico magnet pole pieces Tremolo bass plate
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