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  1. serial: T 037973 color: fiesta red year: '95 It was all stock but I upgraded 3 things: neck pickup: SD SJAG-1n Quarter Pound bridge pickup: SD TB-4 capacitor: 0.022
  2. I don't use e-bay becouse of many duties and taxes I would have to pay (Central Europe = Third World ). What a shame... A little offtopic: 3 days ago I wrote to Isibashi shop if they would ship guitar to me. This is their answer: Dear Mack, This is Jo. I know you like the Fender Japan guitar. But Ishibashi can not sell it to foreign countries now. So if you have some friends in Japan. You can let some one to buy it instead of you in Japan, and ship it to you. Good luck! But please do not let any other persons know I give you this idea. It is not good, so I give you this mail by another mail address. Thank you! lol
  3. It's auction. Buy it now price is circa 1200 USD. Expensive, but here in Central Europe we are very rich
  4. Additional information: serial number is Q012064
  5. So, colored heads are only in '73 reissues? On the other hand orginal '69 competiton has red/blue/green/etc head...
  6. Hey, I have opportunity to buy this mustang competition: Can you guys tell me what reissue is that? 65? 69? Is there any difference from '69 reissue vintage white (beside the color)? What do you recommend: this or '65 reissue? Thanks a lot!
  7. It was toneport without any simulations or effects. I can improve a little bit that sound with some chorus or sth. Anyway I decided to buy vox valvetronix 15 amp - for domestic purposes it's the best what I could found.
  8. I've changed pickup couse: 1. There were many opinions on this forum that stock pickups are cheap (at least in '69 reissue). 2. Distortion with stock bridge pickup was horrible. 3. Clean with stock bridge pickup was so-so (same as now with dimarzio fast track 2). And one more: Cobain had changed pickups and still had great tone. I do love mustang sound, but mine seems really not something I'm looking for. It' s huge problem for me since in East Europe is impossible to get this guitar. Anyway I'm thinking about '65 reissue , couse it looks like it is more twang. Or maybe I'll give myself another chance and change the pots - I heard that it is almost obligatory when you put humb/mini humb. What do you think, guys?
  9. Hey people, I just wanted to demonstrate my record so that you can tell if that is the typical sound of mustang. It's becouse I have many doubts - for me it should be more twangy and 'clean'... Enyway the guitar is mustang 69 reissue, neck pickup is standard and bridge pickup is dimarzio fast track. Pickups combination is symbolised on the bottom of the video. Here's video. PS. You don't have to comment the quality of video or my playing. I know I suck
  10. Hmmm... I've just read that jag-stang is made of basswood too...so this cant't be reason of that bad sound. Anyway my mustang has now that dimarzio fast track 2 pickup - and you know what? sound is still as if it comes behind the wall. Haha :/ Maybe I have to get used to new volume and tone controls (I found this guitar quieter than squier).
  11. And I have '69 ri which is made of basswood instead of poplar (like in '65 ri). As far as I'm concerned basswood is rather worse :/ I wish I had known it before I bought this guitar :/ This is also better amp than mine. Anyway, I have to live with this gear, but someday I'll buy REAL fender mustang ri Tommorow I'll have mustang with fast track installed and squier with seymour duncan sh4 - I'll see what it changes... Thx for help guys.
  12. Yeah, I'm sure that if I change the pickups I'll get sound with more power, but I thought that oryginal fender with default single coils sounds far better than chinese strat (even with dimarzio fast track 2). So I'll install that dimarzio pickup in my mustang and - oh wow! - it will be almost the same as squier :/ I think that as long as I won't get bigger amp it's useless to have any other guitar than squier.
  13. I'm new here, so hello everyone. I recently bought fender mustang reissue from friend - it's probably '69 reissue, but I'm not sure since this sort of serial number (R 033242 - R and six numbers) is not exist on fender.com. Anyway I own chinese squier strat with fast track 2 in the bridge, marshall mg15 amp ang boss ds-2 effect. So this is not equip from heaven but I'm quite satisfied. But I always was obsessed with fender mustang - and I have to say, that here in 3rd world (Poland ), it's impossible to find this gear new or used. So finally I bought mustang and after plugging... I was disappointed. I know that I shouldn't expect miracles with that amp, but really, I think that sound should be much different - not that flat. On clean it not so bad, but with distortion it's horrible. So here is my question: am I really stupid that I thought I can obtain good sound on my amp? Or maybe this is about setting intonation (I have to buy some special screwdriver for this strange bridge)?
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