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  1. Can anyone tell me what size to buy at the hardware store? in particular, the internal diameter, such that the washer/locknut is able to fit is the 3/8 HEX NUT the correct item to buy? how many do you guys need? thanks a lot !
  2. Hi, does anyone know, if the bridge humbucker on the signature Mustang 2012 was a TB-4 or SH-4? I understand a SH-4 should go with the TOM, or in this case, Fender's Adjusto-matic whilst TB-4 goes with Fender bridges As a side note, when a TB-4 is used, I gotta modify/sand the pickguard even more, because the TB-4 size is a little larger compared to the SH-4, is that right? HOWEVER, Kurt used Sh-4 + TOM BUT his strings were known to be out of alignment??
  3. thanks for your reply... the extra black wire comes together with the other 2 black wires, all leading from the hole to the body/pickups area i have looked up the schematic you shared , images and youtube, but all the jagstangs have only 2 black wires i don't think my guitar has been modded in any way so far as well so i'm really confused by this mystery
  4. https://imgur.com/JLhUi8P hi... does anyone know what the 3rd wire is for? i opened the knob part, and there is a 3rd unattached black wire i have checked wiring diagrams on the internet but i cant find any information anywhere thanks!
  5. which one fits? from the ABS series.... model A or must it be XL ? Anyone knows?
  6. why bother getting a jagstang in the first place
  7. wow that steep how do you get that figure man
  8. hi im new to a fender i just got a mustang brand new how do i assemble the trem arm haha thanks u guys
  9. what kind of strings are jagstangs shipped with from the factory?
  10. lefty jagstangs are how jagstangs should be! how much would you expect to pay for one?
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