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  1. soldering is the easiest thing to do, im 14 and ive installed the same thing on my strat


    i put the blue in the bridge cus i prefer the sound(that doesnt take any soldering just taking the red and blue out then putting the in the different places)

    anyway, all you have to do is put the pickguard in the hole and solder the trailing wires to the jack, oh yeah and one to the vibrato plate thing in the back of the guitar

    no real skill required, just a little patience

    Yeah, it would probably be better to learn how to solder...however, I'm too afraid of messing it up. Especially since the Strat is my only guitar. I think I might just get it done at a shop.

  2. I completely love my MIM Strat, and the tone is brilliant. However, the only thing that irks me about it is the 60-Cycle hum. And it always leaves me fiddling with my amp settings to try and dull it down. (But hardly ever works)

    Now, on musiciansfriend, they have an already pre-wired Strat pickguard with the Blue/Silver/Red combo. And I as I do not have a soldering kit or anything, is it worth it to get the pre-wired guard, and then take it to a shop (paying a little extra money) to get it installed? Or, should I try to learn how to solder and possibly screw it up?

  3. they go for 165. Made more expensive because of them being hand-painted and such...but I think it's a good deal. They describe it as a meticulously souped up ProCo Rat...and well, I'm pretty much sold. You should go to http://www.freakshowpedals.com to see the other two they make. The DigiLog (a really cool delay pedal), and the Mahirishi (an octave pedal without the fuzz and it also has the ability to sound like a Sitar!)

  4. Guitar:

    2007 MIM Standard Fender Strat (Midnight Wine, with Maple) Don't let the "MIM" fool you, it's pure classic Strat tone, and the 2007 ones were upgraded and are better quality than previous MIM's.


    (From the beginning-right to left)

    Fender Tuner pedal-->EHX Big Muff-->Danelectro French Toast Octave(though I don't use it hardly at all these days)-->Boss DS-1 Distortion-->Boss OD-1 Overdrive (replacing soon)-->EHX Small Stone Phase Shifter-->Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal

    I have an EHX Small Clone chorus that is broken...and I don't use the DS-1 for distortion (i turn the Dist. all the way down and use it as an overdrive to let my Strat's personality shine through it)


    VOX AD100VT (Tube Modeler) I have it set on the Vox AC30 setting. And I also use the Vox Switch Pedal for additional effects that are mounted on the amp.

  5. It really just depends on what sounds you're after. And what sound would that be?

    as for some of the pedals:

    Big muff is a very good harmonic fuzz, very classic sounding. And the DS-1...it's good for what it is. I've been using it as an overdrive (I just turned the distortion all the way down and raised the levels) and it really lets the tone of the guitar shine through (but I want to get a replacement for it soon). As for the polychorus, I haven't tried one myself, but it does have lots of neat gadgetry, but if you're just after a chorus pedal I wouldn't shoot so high. Small Clones are good too. (but if you want the Polychorus, that's cool too) And I've never heard of the T-Rex Mudhoney...

  6. I'm looking for an overdrive pedal that is not so crunchy, but something that'll let my Strats tone shine through rather than getting lost in the crunch...any suggestions? I checked out the Boss Blues Driver, but I'm kind of shying away from Boss pedals these days. As for an example of some sound...kind of like the way Hendrix's sound was...it was that line between clean and overdriven...

  7. Hmm, that's a nice color and all, but I don't like how the Car red looks with the pickguard. When I had my Jagmaster (my first guitar and NOT a vista series...the one they are selling now) I got it in burst with red tort guard...it was pretty.

    I have to say that wasn't a bad guitar...

  8. That may just be a dream...but that would be cool if they did release some more stuff.

    And also, on Strat-heads that say nothing else is better...there's probably one for every single guitar. I know that for me, right now, there is nothing better for me than a Strat. I can just express myself with my playing so much better than I could with other guitars I've played. Once you find your guitar, everything else just doesn't feel like home. Hell, I could still be on my journey to finding that guitar, but right now. Consider me a Strat guy.

    But then again, there are people who see Jimi Hendrix with a Strat and say its the best guitar, without even playing it. If hendrix played a Telecaster all the time, I'm sure it would be the same deal.

  9. I'd have to disagree with Strats being too predictable and clean...no guitar is purely anything, really. Also, there are lots of "underground" people who prefer Strats, just like some people prefer Tele's, etc, etc. because they like the looks and tone, and that's what works for them. I made the mistake of getting a Mustang as my first guitar because I thought it was "quirky" and "against the tide"...but after a year of owning it, I found that it was severely limiting to me, tone-wise, so I got a Strat. However, I do believe if I made some significant modifications to it, (much like Cobain had to, because he even admitted it wasn't the greatest guitar) it may have been better. (but I'm not good at those things) As far as the tone on the Strat being clean, I've gotten some dirty sounds out of it. But, in the end...it's all preference, I'm just defending my guitar :P

    As for there being more re-issues other than Strats and Tele's, here here! I would definitely like to see a Kurt Cobain Jaguar...from what I recall it was his main recording guitar and it has one of the most beautiful tones I've heard.

  10. I'd have to say Stratocaster. Two months ago I traded in my Mustang for one, and I completely love it. The versatility astounds me. As for the Mustang, when I originally purchased it, I did it because of it's...shall we say "indie credibility"...Boy was I wrong...I mean, don't get me wrong, it had it's own unique tone. It was just kind of...empty. And I didn't want to go and Kurt-ify it to make it sound better (that guy really knew how to set up that guitar). Also, I'd like to try out a Jaguar...I've only played the HH version and it was a little too muddy...but the body was nice. However, as far as Fender goes for me? the list goes...(from the one's I've played)





  11. Well, I'm pretty sure it's going to be the Custom with the Hot Rails in Black or White. In the Fender Frontline video where he's signing autographs you can see a promotional picture with him holding both a white one and a black one in both his hands, while wearing the Zeitgeist clothes.

  12. Sorry, I didn't make it clearer. The plate that's over the back of the guitar, not the neck. You know where you feed the strings through. It would make the body springs exposed....can't picture on right now, because photobucket's going through some maintenance

  13. That if you take the backplate off of the Strat it let's the guitar breath a little more, thus giving it a tonal boost? I've heard that somewhere, and I'm thinking about doing it...(Also, I've noticed that a lot of Hendrix's Strats were like that.)

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