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  1. Hi again. I play a ES-335 copy, a korean '89 Epiphone Sheraton. I play rock, blues, and indie/alternative Since I already have an humbucker guitar, I was looking to have a more brighter sound, thus the search for single coils. I live in Portugal.
  2. I'm planning on buying a 2nd guitar, as I'm saving for one. So I thought of the Mustang. Why? Because is cool (chicks dig that). But, I've heard that there are many problems with them, tuning, bridge, trem arm, and so on... What are the main problems, and how can I fix them? Do they also exist in MIA models, or only in MIJ models? One other thing, where can I buy a Mustang in Europe, for a neat price? EDIT: I must say I've never played with one before.
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