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  1. You remember somebody wanting that? That's great. Good for you.
  2. I wish somebody would delete these stupid threads.
  3. One is shorter. Wouldn't the pros and cons be obvious?
  4. Totally not loving the flame maple (on a Dano? Seriously?), but everything else about this project and thread is awesome. That's some excellent work there.
  5. Well, what is? What is grunge? Oh, that's right. It didn't exist.
  6. This is my current pedalboard setup, which will probably keep expanding in the near future.
  7. Thought I'd post my guitars, as they're better than anyone elses. These are my current two main guitars:
  8. Wow, what a sterling post. Thanks for that.
  9. I'm left-handed and I play right-handed simply because when I first picked up a guitar, it was right handed. So that's how it went.
  10. No, it isn't. It's impossible to judge how much Heroin is in a body after any length of time. You could determine if a death had occurred as a result, and then estimate the amount, but Kurt didn't die from heroin. He shot himself in the face, after cranking an unusually high dose (possible overdose, which would hint at another attempt at suicide, which he had tried before).
  11. Most business is now conducted on the ShortScale.org forums now, that's where you'll find the guys mentioned above. They rarely post on here now, since it was shut down and many long-time users banned without reason.
  12. Why would you want to play exactly like somebody else anyway? Kurt is dead, btw. He's not going to be impressed that you can frame a chord exactly the way he could.
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