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  1. Pretty much, I took it off and made a tracing of it and just copied the single coil from the neck. The bridge pickup will end up being a little further forward that it would be on a mustang as i just used the screw holes of humbucker to position the single.. if that makes sense
  2. I found a place in the UK LINK that can do it if supply them with a template. It should cost about
  3. Thanks thats got the pickup switching i want, the other switch seems to do an esquire type of thing but it might have to do haha
  4. I haven't posted here in ages, but i thought you might enjoy my jag-stang project The basic idea is to turn this: Into this: (excuse the terrible editing, i rushed it in paint to get a general idea) I'm just not much of a humbucker kinda guy.. but i love the rest of the jag-stang. I'm ripping out all of the electronics and replacing them with: - 500k CTS pots with a 0.033 cap on the tone and possible a treble bleed on the volume - Black switchcraft on-off-on switches using the neck switch as a pickup selector and the bridge for series/parallel/out of phase. Anyone have a wiring diagram of this? - Lace sensor Emerald in the neck and Silver in the bridge I've already got the pickups, i just need to order the rest this week. So what do you all think? If anyone has a wiring diagram similar to the one described i would be very greatful if you could share it.. I can do the soldering i just have no idea about how the wiring would work.
  5. Love that Jag plate on it! Not so sure about the rest though.. but it is strangely attractive
  6. I personally would still buy a vintage jag if it had been routed for humbuckers because to be honest i dont think it would make it sound any differant AND it would be hidden under the scratch plate.. besides.. if it makes it cheaper for me i aint gonna complain! haha but something like the one i posted is just wrong...
  7. Wow... body looks ok.. but man! that headstock looks like charcoal!
  8. All the ones i've seen have been.. might be able to put a differant neck on them.. but i really dont know enough about all that hopefully someone who knows more will be able to help
  9. At least that could be restored back to a regular jag i suppose.. that things fukt!
  10. I just saw that, made a topic too.. same time as you i hate it, its just... ugly been hacked to pieces
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1966-Fender-Jaguar-w-Active-Gibson-RD-Pickups-More_W0QQitemZ270206038831QQihZ017QQcategoryZ33039QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem were they on crack or something!?
  12. Just keep on at um.. haha and if you lose out on this one i'm sure another one will come along soon enough.
  13. Yeah i played the 65's down denmark street in london.. they just didnt do it for me.. something about them.. then i played a competition 'stang and i fell in love.. then i ended up getting my 69 would rather it was dakota red tbh.. i'm still thinking about putting some differant p'ups in mine, maybe some antiquitys.. i dont really want anything humbucker in it i have the jagstang for that
  14. Mustangs are great, if you can get it for the price its at right now (
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