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  1. not yet. body will get primered one of these days... your project will probably finish before i finish mine. just havent been really inspired to play guitar at all lately... so finishing a guitar project just seems harder to do...
  2. were talking about jagstangs... not jaguars
  3. that one is mine, and thats the exact color of the paint. my sonic blue JS is much more green and i cant imagine it would look very good with a red tort pickguard
  4. i think red tort looks way better heres mine
  5. these are made by tymguitars.com. austrailian i think. they make 3 variations
  6. not really. its just how i see it could be totally wrong, infact i am but its what im seein
  7. normal though and actual playing it sounds just terrible. so high and screechy(to me atleast). if a saw a band using that setting for most of their set i think i might walk out cuz its so annoying
  8. i think it might be a shadow of of the intonation screws from a light shining on the guitar. i see them but they dont seem to actually reach the plate, just right behind the trem
  9. i dont think its the most versatile at all. drop d is versatile. you can get two lower notes
  10. its a j bass body if i a recall correctly
  11. like i commented on the pic, not diggin the hummer ring, but its still dope
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