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  1. Short answer- No.

    Long answer- Yes, but you will have to remove the bridge, fill in all the old holes, have the body re-routed for the bridge moved 1.5" forward. If you don't do all of that, the guitar will never intonate right. So if you want to take it to a professional luthier, and spend a lot to have that done, it's not really worth it.

  2. 7 hours ago, Din09 said:

    Um... he played his js prototype frequently during live shows interchangeably with his Mustang... the second red prototype was also used live... he didn’t get the chance to return word to Fender that the second prototype was adequate to his design and feel for production... he died before it was completed; otherwise I’m MORE THAN SURE the js would have become a demonstrative icon in his future albums ???‍♂️

    This isn't true AT ALL. First off, there are numerous interviews online with the Fender luthier who actually built Kurt's Jag-Stangs. He said they were preparing to ship the red one when they got news of Kurt's death. He never had the red one at all.



    He also did not "frequently" use the Jag-Stang live. If you check livenirvana.com or other websites with an extensive gallery of Nirvana live photos, or any amount of concert footage you very rarely see footage or photos of him with it. They certainly exist, and it was used time to time but not "frequently".. There is one notable show, I believe 2-25-1994 where he plays it for most of the show, but if you watch before and after, it makes brief appearances if at all.

    Also, as per the article in Guitar Shop May 1997 interview with luthier Mark Brooks, (who built the guitar)-

    "We put a Texas Special bridge pickup in the neck, to help balance the sound...[..]...the original guitar had a JB in the bridge".





    Also good info here-


  3. I forgot to get the serial number to date-check it, but it appeared to be a CBS era MM. The guy at the pawn shop claimed it to be a late 60s - early 70s. Looked to be in all around good shape, it was yellow in color with a black pickguard.


    What are the approximate values for '65 - '72 Musicmasters (its most likely one of those years),

  4. Was in town and walked by the local pawnshop and seen this in the window. Didn't go in to inquire about but never seen something like it before. But it looked to be in great shape cosmetically.

    I'd heard of Fender Bullets but this doesn't look like the ones I've seen. I'll let the pics do the talking. Mostly looking to know what it's worth and if I should go back for it.


  5. Let me see...


    Replaced basically everything on that haha. Too much to list.

    Squier Bullet, my first guitar. Refin. All new parts (except neck and body). Using it to teach my fiance.



    Tuners swapped. New pickups. A Carvin neck pickup, with one coil messed up. I didn't know it was a defect at the tone. But it actually worked out nicely. It sounds EXACTLY like a Strat neck pickup, but with zero hum even on high gain.

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