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  1. I do have a jagstang project I just started though lol..ill post pics sometime
  2. Yeah I'm going to fix the neck pocket deal, I thought i had the neck all the way into the pocket when the holes were drilled, i've just been too lazy to fix it, but I'll get it fixed before the bridge arrives. The tuning keys on V were from a three per side set, but they are only temporary. Those pictures are only progress pictures.
  3. Standard mustang bridge/tailpiece, but lefty..which im sure didnt help the cost lol..
  4. thanks man! the Rhoads V is a heavily modded copy lol, its not a Jackson, but plays like one! As for painting the headstock..I will but it will come on a later day..I used up my last $ getting the brdige ($96.99) and that was with 10% off..
  5. here are some new pics..this thing is finally about done..its been wired up and i just ordered the bridge and tailepeice im just waiting on them to arrive!! pics can be found here (im using the same username): http://agileguitarforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=8177
  6. can anyone link to a stang wiring diagram with 1 SC 1 HB and the standard controls?
  7. Sure thats possible. I'm going to wait a few days once it done so i can get accustomed to it though
  8. Well im outta town for another week. Which means the pickups will sit there..then ive gotta get a bridge+tailpiece..so i dunno. Hopefully not more than 2 weeks (counting the week im out of town)
  9. I'm poor lol. Besides I've got like 12 guitars, so I have others I can play whilst I work on this one.
  10. hey sloopdawg see you found your way over here from AGF
  11. a GFS Lil Killer (Vintage Winding) In the Neck and a PAF in the bridge. I actually ordered both today. Should be arriving in a few days. All I need now is the bridge..which I can't afford at the moment.
  12. Nope Aug made me a short scale neck. i just prefer the fat hesadsttock
  13. Most people seem to like rosewood..lol i like rosewood on non fender guitars
  14. Ahh didn't know that. Well Anyway Here are the pics, I took them from another forum I frequent. http://www.agileguitarforum.com/uploade ... ng1may.jpg http://www.agileguitarforum.com/uploade ... ng2may.jpg http://www.agileguitarforum.com/uploade ... ng3may.jpg
  15. Hey guys, I know I know, long time no see. But I've been busy with school, drivers ed, my girlfriend, my band and my guitars. As you may or may not remember, I have been building a custom mustang. Well it is finally nearly done. I only need a few parts: [*:3s3h78sm]Pickups [*:3s3h78sm]Bridge + Tailpiece [*:3s3h78sm]String Tree I still may paint the headstock to match the body. If I do that I will buy a silver Fender Mustang decal from decaljoe.com. I also have the tuners but they are not installed yet. I will post pictures later. ------------ The body + pickguard was made by Robert OG. The neck by DodgedartDave, painted by my cousin. Assembled by me! I'm going to put in GFS pickups. ------------- Dave also made me a free Jag-Stang body for being patient while he was backed up, so I have a new project to start on after I finish this one. I also got a lot of new gear and got rid of some, I'll post all that stuff later.
  16. well i ordered some of it just waiting on it to arrive..
  17. For the Nirvana setup I use a Kustom Tube Amp with low and high on 10, my mid boost on. DS-1 tone knob set between 11 o clock and 1 o clock, and the small clone between 9 and twelve. As for settings, usually I tend to have things balanced out, it just falls on my ears as sounding good that way.
  18. As for my self. I have two different rig set ups. My Nirvana and my normal live rig. My Nirvana rig consists of my soon to be completed custom built mustang (a mixtures of cobains 69 LPB and his stangs from in utero tour) with some of my own choices. Also uses my DS-1 and Small Clone. As for my normal live rig.. 1981 Fender M-80 (with reverb on 10). Treble on 6, Mid on 5, and Bass on 4. Runs into my EH Small Clone, which goes into my DS-2 (or occasionally a Death Metal distortion). Planning on adding a wah or volume pedal soon. All of that goes into my Standard strat and various other guitars..
  19. new pics with the pickguard (not screwed on yet, just setting there, and its offset in the 2nd pic). Got some of the parts on order right now..so its coming along! I dunno but its really dark in this angle shot.. http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/3968/img0305cu9.jpg http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/5894/img0306nz8.jpg
  20. It probably could have, but I like it how it is, besides you can't feel it so It doesn't matter to me! @nirvanafreak: Yes, I have to agree there, Fender pots should work lol
  21. pics of the painted body http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/1944/img0228io3.jpg http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/7933/img0230tv0.jpg
  22. Courtney probably has it. It will probably get sold when she auctions off all his stuff
  23. so essentially I could use it? thanks for the help ill be ordering one once i pay robert(original) for the pickguard.
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