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  1. well i got in contact with an authorized fender parts dealer, and they don't have them availible either..
  2. yeah i havent seen any lefty parts either
  3. well up to a point I'm ambidextrous (except writing, and playing guitar) I'm the 2nd lefty guitarist I know who plays lefty. all my other lefty friends play guitar right handed. I've tried and I'm not bad a holding the notes, just strumming, and it doesn't feel comfortable at all..
  4. In my quest to obtain my dream mustang..i've run into a problem. If i buy a right handed jack plate, would it be possible to flip it over and use it left handed? or will i be doomed to scavenge ebay looking for one?
  5. Since I'm working on my mustang project, I won't have cash for another, but I know a guy who wants to sell me his 1996 RI Jaguar 3 Tone Sunburst thats been modified with 2 volume controls and 1 tone. the original pickups have been replaced with a JB Jr in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge. He's willing to sell for only $300!! Plus its local so I won't have shipping. But all in all this my question: How hard is it to play a Jaguar upside down (im a lefty, the guitar is righty)
  6. im really digging marshall amps. I also have a 1981 fender amp which is nice.
  7. AMPS/EFFECTS Martin MG10CD, 1981 Fender M-80, Kustom 12a Tube Amp, Mini Marshall EH Small Clone, DS1, Hosa Footswitch
  8. Agile AL-2800 Austin Acoustic Crestwood Acoustic Douglas SIV-45 (modded) Noname Acoustic Harmony Flying V Harmony SG/Stang Copy Martin DM Acoustic Electric Squier Bullet (heavy mods in process) SX SST Double Fat Washburn WR150 NOT PICTURED: Mustang Project, Custom Agile Hornet
  9. im still out of town, but i hear the final coats are going down..when i get back i have to show the guy where the comp stripes go, so h can put them on and add the clear coat...
  10. wireless kit etc cash going toward a custom guitar
  11. white pearl, with a single coil neck (angled) and bridge humbucker (angled)
  12. does anyone know where i can get one? i tried warmoth and its a no no..
  13. i'm curious about this too, as I have an old cheap acoustic that would be a nice project (especially now that I bought a Martin)
  14. this is better http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ ... sku=511141
  15. incorrect. buy a start neck with 22 frets and mustang neck with 22 frets and then compare.
  16. Yeah.. Maple > Rosewood 1976 > 1996 Mustang > Jaguar
  17. Yesterday I sent the body off to be painted something (don't recall) blue (the color closest matching Lake Placid Blue I could find), and to have the comp stripe applied. The neck is being built as of this post. Maple neck w/ maple fretboard. black dot inlays. Fender CBS headstock (reversed). In the neck position: Di Mizario DP217 YJM Pickup Bridge: Seymour Duncan JB Pots: DiMizario 500k Split Shaft Pots Hardware: Graph Tech Nut/String Tree Dimizario 1/4" Output Jack Gotoh Locking Tuners (lefty) White MOP Pickguard I have to leave for vacation today but i will post pics when I get back!
  18. What is the usual nut width on a mustang?
  19. yes I will, I got behind to day so tomorrow I'm going to start drilling/sanding and soon I'm going to start ordering parts. Im going for red w/ comp stripes and reverse maple fretboard/neck CBS headstock..
  20. So I got the mustang body from Robert today, and I know I'm going to put competition stripes on it once I get It sanded and painted, but would I put the decals on over top of the clear-coat or underneath it, on top of the last coat of paint?
  21. Robert, I got the body today! I love it, I already got started on fine sanding it, and drilling the holes for the neck/strap buttons
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