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  1. does anyone know where i could get a custom mustang neck (not warmoth)?
  2. they ship the guitar with a case (hard or soft, its your choice) so shipping is a bit high, my mustang was shipped for around 100$ but it arrived from Japan to South Eastern Ohio in about 3 days! I believe if you get a soft case it is a bit cheaper..
  3. go here: http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/w ... N&wb_dis=2 you'll need to email them to setup everything (purchase, model, shipping costs) great service and prices. I have bought a left mustang from them.
  4. well um yes Kurt is my hero. But having played many a guitar (dozens of brands) none can stand up to a Mustang. And after seeing LPB on my buddies' strat, WOW! I fell in love with that color
  5. oh my god! i aspire for one of those left handed. but Ishbashi doesn't carry those in lefty..
  6. Well for me (being left handed) when I'm playing slower songs I use 4 fingers so its like e|------ b|------ G|---2- (middle) D|---3- (pinkie) A|---3- (ring) E|---1-- (index) but on faster things I do it the kurt way because its just easier for me
  7. I've narrowed down my choice of mustang to Sonic Blue or Dakota red...but I would like to see pics to determine which I want
  8. Does it rawk? Ugh, NO. I did a complete makeover, painted white, with black pickguard, seymour duncan blackout active in the neck, and a Les Paul pickup in the bridge, 1 vol, 2 tone, and 5 way selection, locking tuners, locking nut. Now it rocks. The only original piece is the hardtail bridge..
  9. No its a S/S/S Hardtail, Baltic Blue 70s Headstock I don't know morbid curiosity. I bought it at a local pawnshop..
  10. Crafted in Indonesia s/n - ic050521898 can anyone help give me an approximate date of manufacturing?
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Hard-Shell-Case ... dZViewItem
  12. UPDATE:: If anyone if interisted Eastwood Guitars Makes Left Handed Mosrite Copies. http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/GTRs/hi- ... er_frm.htm Click the color names to see the colors, ones that have LH in the color title is left handed. Good deal, they are only 399$
  13. alright thanks for the help. I guess after my custom SG-Stang gets completed I will try to get a hi-flyer style guitar
  14. Thanks, right before I checked back on this topic I bookmarked the set-up guide, and intonation guide. The guy was wanting to sell it for 1200$ but I managed to get him down to 550$.
  15. Well, I won't need to pay for a setup my neighbor used to do setups/work on guitars at his own store for a while, he just retired, I can get him to do it for free. As far as music, I mainly play grunge and classic rock.
  16. did they ever make lefty hiflyers or hiflyer copies?
  17. in sonic blue, year 1997. What should I do when I first get the guitar?
  18. 1997 Lefty "Designed by Kurt Cobain" sticker.. #V033905
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