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  1. I think it's more a case of ADDING pots and switches!! Can you tell I'm not a guitar tech? That's what I meant. Adding electronic since there's only the jack and one pickup right now. I'm getting more and more impatient with it. Gonna add 2 pickups, simply pup selector and 1vol/1 tone. Thats it. Its all about the alder and the humbucker for me anyway.
  2. "Look at the big brain on bread! Thats right, the metric system."
  3. Everyone here has probably seen my Jag. Long story on this one. Heres the short version, I bought this on eBay in pieces. The owner of a popular Nirvana site thought it would fetch more as parts even after I offered to buy it whole before. I won the neck, pick guard and body. The rest is stew mac and a American reissue trem. It was filthy. Covered in a waxy type stuff with its finish completely checked underneath. After many cleans it took some of the paint with it unfortunately. Last owner routed it for a humbucker. Has a weird "C" or a "D" worn into the arm rest over time. It also has a crac
  4. If they're MIM, I could have one. But like I was just telling Freak, I dont like the way the low E doesnt line up with the pole pieces of the humbuckers. Especially the bridge. That and they only come in Kurdt-burst or white. Otherwise, I'm impressed. F*cking years after the 90's we get Jags with humbuckers from Fender. Better late than never I guess. How did the neck radius feel with the TOM?? Like those black HH's??
  5. Geez Nolan! I thought you were into country?? Whats with the Metal Zone?? (Great pedal though right?! Its my standard for distortion ) You have a very nice rig dude! I could be happy using no more than what you've got there, for the rest of my life! Simple and straight forward.
  6. The guitar is a 77 les paul special, It has been my main guitar for 31 years & one of the saddles has finally worn down, so rather than change the saddles on the original bridge, I thought I'd get a new one, the chrome is also cracking off & it rips my hand up. I will be keeping the original bridge of course. She sounds lovely. If I were you I would keep an eye out on eBay for an original replacement bridge. Even if your guitars a player, you should have the right bridge imo. So use the one you've got now, and just keep looking for a deal on eBay.
  7. Nice looking guitar. That Converse box makes me think you have giant feet! I'm joking of course.
  8. Yeah, that was my mistake after reading at Shortscale as Jag neck. It was a Jazzmaster. Termites taste like nuts. Big, fat, hairy nuts.
  9. This is insane! Those f*cking termites could have eaten a chair or something, instead of a '62 jaguar! http://www.shortscale.org/forum/viewtop ... 654#312654
  10. Ya see!? Yet another brother armed with a Jaguar! Rock forth Dirty!
  11. Thats right mothalovah's! Hail King Roberto! The man who rocketh of the woodeth!
  12. A+ Thread people! Mr. Tool, always in excellent form mate!! I also would like to see some other Fender designs that were a little more towards the Jag and Stang. Or just some new designs. Don't get me wrong, I love Stratocaster! It was my first guitar and I sometimes miss playing the 40th Anniversary Strat that I sold. But the truth is, is that Fender makes more Strats and Tele's because of the huge range of those guitars. Fender has milked those guitars for all they're worth though! When Fender releases something like the Harley Davidson Stratocaster, or whatever, then its a bit much, i
  13. I haven't done this for quite a time, and my brain feels a little rotten. Feel free to correct anything of this if anyone knows of a better way. This is for "hot". 1)Remove old bridge pickup. 2)Expose and cut the new pups wires to fit snuggly under pick guard. 3)Take humbucker and screw it in the bridge position. You might have to enlarge the pick guards bridge pup's hole with a knife, as even single coil humbuckers are a little thicker, not much though. 4)Twist and tape the RED and WHITE wires together. 5)Then the black goes where the black did with the single coil pup, the green goes w
  14. When I added a tune-o-matic to my Stang, I bought 3 Gotoh's off Stew Mac. As they were cheap and worked well. As for size, They are (or at least look) bigger than other TOM's. The ABR-1 is thin as its meant to be at an angle. A bridge like that wont work well with a Stang. I know this because I bought a Gibson ABR-1 second hand from my old tech. I tried adding little pieces of wood, and then the tape so the bridge would sit at an angle. It worked, but wasn't solid. Heres the link for the Gotoh's. These should be the ones used, imo, as they worked for a destruction guitarist and for their siz
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