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  1. Wow you're holding it up and it's that low? It's most likely the spring under neath the tremolo. I bet your trem arm wiggles around like mad. I've had that happen a couple times. It's simple and easy to figure out once you take get under the hood.
  2. I had a brain fart. Makes sense now. Did you get it then? Do it! Do it already!
  3. I do this all the time. Never had a problem remotely close to what you're talking about. Anyway, with the trem bar touching the strings the trem bar hasn't come loose has it? Or I don't get what you mean, how can the trem bar touch the strings w/out touching it if the action from the bridge isn't like 2-3 inches off the pickguard?
  4. This is not possible according to J Mascis. WTF?? The trem touches the strings without touching the trem bar? I can't imagine you have the bridge set so rediculously high? Sounds pretty out of shape and if that's the case I have no ideas. Some pictures (keyword) may help diagnose the problem.
  5. They need to start making some of these for lefties, still paying 1400 dollars for a CIJ Jazzy/Jag.
  6. Purrday. I wanna get one they are so cheap! How dyou like the tremolo on the Jazzy? Does the trem arm screw in like on the CPs? Stay in tune well?
  7. Cheap/especially unknown can't fail. What dyou mean by patches instead of dedicated switches? I say get it it's only 20 fkng dollars!!!
  8. As far as what I own goes, I can't get enough of the Deluxe Memory Man...ever. But I love my Timefactor.
  9. Wish I woulda invented it...I can perfect it though, someone buy one and tell me what, if any problems you had with it. Maybe add a couple inches to air plane tail spinner blades. Or shorten em. I could use something like that like three times over (perhaps more) on a single pedal. Such a klutz I'd wind up falling on my ass messing around with those too much.
  10. Yes it does. It's not that rare though, but finding it at a yard sale is I would say. Aren't you a righty who plays lefty? I thought I read that. You could flip that n make a profit n buy 2 Jags, or 3 - 4 C/MIJ Jags. Do it!! +1
  11. I was looking through Fender The Golden Years and they actually used to make this shape, or some that are damn close to this. It is damn ugly though, reminds me of those SX guitars you find floating around on eBay.
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