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  1. You made me think of something also. I have been yanking the bar the other way, pulling it out. It sounds neat this way and since i didn't have any room to "push" the bar i have been holding it while picking which gives a small bit of the way kevin shields did it but more subtle and when i get close to the note i'm after i'll "pull" the bar away from strings. I may have broke it myself. Damnitt. I'm guessing that isn't healthy for a guitar who already had a neck in need of adjustment. I may have stretched the strings? I don't know but it sounds great and i didn't know anyone else who used this technique and i may have just found out why.

    I do this all the time. Never had a problem remotely close to what you're talking about.

    Anyway, with the trem bar touching the strings the trem bar hasn't come loose has it? Or I don't get what you mean, how can the trem bar touch the strings w/out touching it if the action from the bridge isn't like 2-3 inches off the pickguard?

  2. too high and the guitar is unplayable.

    This is not possible according to J Mascis.

    Thanks for helping me.

    i bought it on ebay. I've posted about this guitar before it's the same one that the trem arm hits the strings. It touches the strings without me touching it, which now may be because of the action i'm wondering? if the strings are this(a mile) damn far from the fretboard they must be going into the bridge at a funky angle also i'm guessing. I'm not too familiar with correct terminology.

    WTF?? The trem touches the strings without touching the trem bar? I can't imagine you have the bridge set so rediculously high? Sounds pretty out of shape and if that's the case I have no ideas. Some pictures (keyword) may help diagnose the problem.

  3. You obsessed with trying to get everyone to do demo's or something? :lol:

    Watched the vid BTW, it does sound nice for a digital one. Lately I've been obsessed with really cheap, unknown pedals for some reason. In Stevenage's Cash Converters ATM they have this weird multieffects thing that just has delay (with long and short modes), chorus and overdrive/distortion on it and it's laid out like those BOSS ME-20's or ME-50's with the dedicated switches instead of patches. It's only £20, I'm thinking about getting it, I need a long delay of sorts anyway so I don't really care if the distortion is #### or whatever, and it might be fun to mess around with anyway.

    Cheap/especially unknown can't fail.

    What dyou mean by patches instead of dedicated switches?

    I say get it it's only 20 fkng dollars!!!

  4. Wish I woulda invented it...I can perfect it though, someone buy one and tell me what, if any problems you had with it. Maybe add a couple inches to air plane tail spinner blades. Or shorten em. I could use something like that like three times over (perhaps more) on a single pedal. Such a klutz I'd wind up falling on my ass messing around with those too much.

  5. Eeesh, I don't usually like to mention specific price - but under $900 Canadian. I see a lefty on ebay from Japan for $2200..? Being a lefty sucks btw. lol

    Yes it does. It's not that rare though, but finding it at a yard sale is I would say.

    Aren't you a righty who plays lefty? I thought I read that.

    You could flip that n make a profit n buy 2 Jags, or 3 - 4 C/MIJ Jags. Do it!!

    BTW, nice "music room"!


  6. Don't hate me - not to rub it in but took me a while to get these two - one is "MIJ" and the other (better condition is) "CIJ" - Love em both to death. If ebay doesn't work, do a broad search on Craigslist. Takes some patience but worth the determination - ps i've signed that petition at least 4 times lol


    How much did you pay for those?

  7. I just got mine from MF today. I was really suprised how well it played right out of the box. The sunburst finish is pretty sweet, and the frets are smooth all the way down. The tuners are the same as the American series Strats and Teles(with "Fender" written on the back of them). The bridge is a like a modernized Jazzy/Jaguar style. They have one string size groove per saddle as opposed to the several small ones as the old ones have. Similar to the Mustang. I was pleasantly suprised by that. I dont think I will be in a rush to change it anytime soon. The knobs are all smooth and seem to be good quality. The pickups are also pretty damn good for a $450 guitar. I feel the neck p/u may be slighty hotter than my USA RI but still has a good Jazzy quality. The bridge humbucker is amazingly decent. I almost picked up a SD distortion for the bridge when i ordered the guitar because frankly i have never had a Fender stock humbucker hot enough for me. I am glad I didn't. I am not saying that it is a super hot or that ground breaking of a p/u, but it is a really nice sounding stock humbucker on a cheaper guitar. Reminds me of a SD JB minus a bit of clarity. I am sure there will be haters to my post, but this is all my opinion. I think if you have even a slight intrest it is worth your time to at least try one.



    Nice. How do ya like it?

  8. It's cleaning day for me :lol: I have to change their g-strings, put lubricants inside and make them feel 'new'

    My sexy chicks: Kylie(the classic, CIJ Fender Jaguar), Britney(the fat panty-less one, MIK Fender Toronado GT HH) & Miley(the glammy; CIJ Squier Super Sonic)



    Very purrdy. AVRI Jag or Jap? RRR CP? Dunno if it really looks like the trem is routed higher though..I can't make a good guess.

  9. I mean that kurt cobain genuinely sucks.

    hahahahaha :lol:..and you're in the jag-stang forum?(like myself)l:

    this forum is also dedicated to jaguars, jazzmasters and offsets, which i actually like. Sadly it has a bad name. I'm sure even you are sharp enough to understand the regulars do not really like Kurt Cobain or his music.

    I mean that kurt cobain genuinely sucks.

    I think Jack White genuinely sucks myself. But I see nothing special about either one of them, or any of the three new bands Jack puts together every year.

    if by "one of them" you are referring to Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Then you need a slap. If you can't see anything special in Page you have gone blind. Page is a God, he invented what we all do in our free time.

    just because im new? wtf, im way older than you kid.just because you have a different opinion does not make you 'the' better person. This aint highschool :evil:

    The fact you are new means you should come onto the forum in a nice way and make a good impression. Much like you would do at all the important functions you attend now you are not in high school anymore? How old are you anyway? For someone who is saying they are older than all of us. You are an absolute fool. I think rather than an apology; you should wait a few days and cool off a bit before you come on her posting again. I think your comments have been unnecessary in certain places and you need to understand that is not what you do.

    you are now grounded. now #### off.

    I was referring to KC and JW.

    Though I do have to say, I hate The Edge and U2 for that matter. Didn't use to, but their popularity persists even though their new material blows....thoroughly annoys me, a hell of a lot more than the self proclaimed nick name, "The Edge." When I learned his nick name, I just couldn't enjoy U2 at all any longer.

  10. ok i would like to apologize for the sick, harsh & crazy statements i made earlier :lol: im retracting these sick words. sincerely, i dont want to fight so peace to you smut 8)

    I didn't read it, so no big deal.

    Either way, it seems you think I was attacking you. I really was not. I am simply astonished that someone whose been posting/double posting (Use the "Edit" feature please) half as much as you hasn't noticed that we all really hate hearing about KC this KC that, until now. How you could have just picked up on that when we've even talked about it so much as of late, is beyond me. Sorry I went off on you a bit, but please, knock off the redundant comments and lay off the douche baggery as a newb here. Then we can go back to enjoying your presence like when you first arrived.

  11. can't you read? im not a big fan myself...your common sense tells you your ignorant...bash? how primitive is that? fvck your frat jock sensibility..just because im new? wtf, im way older than you kid.just because you have a different opinion does not make you 'the' better person. This aint highschool :evil:

    No, I can't, that's how come I possess the ability to post on this forum. Come to think of it, I don't know how I was reading some William S. Burroughs earlier today or how I am a fan of literature, unlike yourself...apparently. Well no, it's obvious you are not a fan of literature, have poor grammar/communication skills. So, whose really the ignoramus here?

    I simply don't care enough to finish reading your paragraph, but based on your response I probably won't bother to read a word of your next post.

    Your comment made little sense and hardly related to anything I said. You misunderstood what I communicated with you, so even though you hate reading, reread what I previously wrote.

    Bah, you simply wouldn't understand what such a "kid," like myself has to say. You're too old and senile, I'll narrow it down for you.

    Do you really thing regulars here, care about KC or Nirvana? Do you really think all we've done for years and years is flap our jaws about Kirt Kibain and his Jag-stang? Do you really think we don't get sick of hearing about Kirt and his magnificent JS?

  12. It's used but a recent purchase and in immaculate "excellent" condition with intonation right on the money.

    Objectively, people, is it worth $230 :?:

    Not used, that's damn near what you'd get it for new. Especially if you are paying S&H...Then that's just dumb. 200 at most, for a used Squire Duo.

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