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  1. lmao I can't believe anyone would pay 13XX it's at at the moment.
  2. Kinda like your home made Jag-Stang huh Franentino?
  3. Ah. Cool yeah, black is cool then. Red tort for sure though.
  4. Nah Jaguar beats all of those, but I do fancy that one with on offsetguitars.
  5. That's awesome, would be better if...it was Olympic White with red/brown tort.
  6. Yeah, like a gibson les paul. Where did you get the strat bit from? I brought it up, my mistake. I was doubting myself but didn't double check. Oh well. 3CS? I think that one's just got a regular ole AVRI (American Vintage Re-Issue) Jaguar, so probably that.
  7. I have some. I thought they'd go well cos they're green, but they don't match so well, but I think it'll look fine.
  8. It'll get finished, just do me a favor...don't hold your breathe.
  9. No, I don't think it's a classic player at all. Front man in a famous band using a crappier version of a guitar...probably not. But I'm pretty sure he's got just a Jaguar, no mods. The one he plays in the Heinrich Maneuver video I posted here (second link) is my ideal Jaguar. Sexxxy.
  10. I'm not entirely sure why people do it, I know it affects the sound, just not sure how. Someone here is bound to know the reason behind that.
  11. I like the neck pup, but the humbucker is something to laugh at. Changed the bridge humbucker, yip. People like to put the humbucker straight as well...
  12. If I'm not mistaken, it's just a black Jaguar. I don't know believe there's any modifications, I thought it was the HH special at first, but then I saw it had the floating tremolo instead of the strat bridge. And single coil pickups instead of humbuckers. He's also got a sunburst one, looks like it could be a 70's model (the yellow in the burst isn't transparent), it's got block inlays and a bound neck.
  13. Mine is a '98 and it dontn't have it. I think the stickers were only on on 96 and 97. Not sure about the re-issues Re-issues have it on underneath the clear coats.
  14. That guitar look sweet dude....you need to finish it Thank you. Yeah, I can't wait to finish it. I'm so lazy.
  15. I'll probably fix up where it needs to be fixed, but that means waiting longer because I have no money. It was supposed to have that...but, I won't go into details as not to bad mouth anyone.
  16. Style of music sir. Come about because the guitar players (usually using Jags and Jazzys) often gazed at their pedals, which looked like they were gazing into their shoes, so they were "shoegazing." Refer to My Bloody Valentine(MBV), Slowdive, Jesu, or Sigur Ros. Some are more punk oriented like MBV, some more melodic - well they're all melodic - but like Sigur Ros and Slowdive, some heavy like Jesu, and just beautiful pretty like Sigur Ros. Drone-ish, layered, heavy fx (reverb, delay, distortion), and the vocals blend with the music...sometimes. Like an ambient wall of sound. I'm sure you l
  17. I think a lot of people pealed them off as to they just fell off.
  18. No dude, it has Jazzmaster Antiquities, it's a Jazzstang. I was originally going to add p90's, but I changed my mind. I'll post a picture. I've been delayed because, I dented up the paint on accident, threw something and forgot I left the body there, 'cos it's normally in the case, so I'm thinking of either, sadly, putting some fake wear and tear on it to compensate or buy more paint, and I'm pretty broke so I'm thinking of doing that...not sure if I should though, anyone wanna pitch in their two cents? feel free. wow is that a thread jack or what?
  19. Welcome to the forum, a bit late, but, that JS is lookin good, good shape, my scratch plate's really scratched up too. Sounds like a '96 as well. Give yourself to the dark side. lmao
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