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  1. Geese Travis, I too, was wondering why you were being such a jerk face. You should feel embarassed, embarassed enough to let the sir smack you up a couple times, I only say that because the Travatars are gone, there is no need for this kind of confusion.
  2. An old kid's television show. An old man who wore sweaters and always sang. They had a trolly that went to some puppet world.
  3. Awesome Peter got served. It's a sad day in Mr. Roger's neighborhood.
  4. Yeah, might help to know what kind of music you like to play. And as I said in your other topic, for tuning, just maintain the guitar viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14552
  5. The Jag-Stang keeps in tune fine without modification. You just have to maintain it, here's a how to guide for that viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14552
  6. Please stop it And by the way guys, I might be getting this: http://www.gumtree.com/london/87/35667387.html Can any Jagmaster expert tell me if that is a vista or what? Why post this here of all places, c'mon don't steal someone else's thunder.
  7. That's one dusty television you got there, I'm willing to clean your house if you're willing to pay for my plane ticket (there and back) and if I don't show up, I forgot and you'll have to wait to contact me 'til I'd be back from my work vacation. Vaat kind of Tele you got thurrr?
  8. Congrats, and welcome to the site, I'm not sure of the answers to your question about the bridge cover never bought one.
  9. just keep diggin' that hole deeper n' deeper aren't you... off hand, just thought of it... what ever happened to ekwatts? lol C'mon, we all know Ekwatts only shows up when FenVox does. Yeah, that guitar isn't that well banged up, MadMike's is def way better.
  10. Do it. Make sure he didn't expire like a magazine subscription.
  11. Those look amazing. Never heard of the Flame, not my cup of tea either, but, it does look spectacular.
  12. Must be a joke. He can speak English, read his other posts.
  13. DEW ITT!!!!! It's like a mixture of a Nike commercial and Mtn. Dew. Just Dew It!
  14. So you don't have a keyboard or you just don't play it? Or do you know how to play keyboard? lol alright, never been in that situation (hookin 3 things up to a single amp at once) before 'cept in my 9th grade band used the bass amp for the bass and vocals, closest I think I've got to that. So you play what kind of music then that you'd want a Fender Blues Deluxe?
  15. What kind of amp do you think you'd like to use?
  16. I dunno I liked it. Definitely sounded 60's. What kind of amp you usin Jack?
  17. Hmm I'd say it depends on the color of the blue.
  18. a jag with a jazzy style guard would be pretty awesome Yeah that would be. I wanted to do that, but made with like aluminum or whatever it's called like the J. Mascis signature model.
  19. lol yeah they are. Not so crazy bout Jags w/out the Jag tremolo though. Kurt Jag is cool, love the old yellow sunburst. That and the binded neck, frets would look better with block inlay. Humbuckers are always nice too, but it loses it's Jag-ness after a mod like that.
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