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  1. hahahahaha ..and you're in the jag-stang forum?(like myself)...: Didn't read past this, you are very obviously new here. Does common sense really tell you that everyone on this forum would sit here and obsess about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana? Every single member here constantly for years and years? My common sense tells me that we would all bash everyone who holds that band/person in such high regards.
  2. I think Jack White genuinely sucks myself. But I see nothing special about either one of them, or any of the three new bands Jack puts together every year.
  3. I wouldn't...... I sound much better without layering..... maybe that's just me though..... Anywho, I can see calling Corgan overrated, cuz he kinda is, but I dun think he by any means sux. Definitely over rated. But everything that's ever been high on the charts on the radio is over rated. And in this day and age, he does suck. I hold no hopes for what Smashing Pumpkins now is, and or future projects involving Mr. Corgan.
  4. An EVH fan from the looks of it. BASTARDS!! Nathan what dyou have to say for yourself?
  5. I'd be embarrassed to hold a Rock Band controller in general, so on stage - never going to happen. This idea sucks either way. End of this thread.
  6. Solo stuff is pretty alright...but I hate RHCP. Glad he left that crap band.
  7. Yeah, really...nothing that you said seems to indicate that you need a new one....Fixing the current one would probably be a cheaper than getting a new one anyway.
  8. Single coils handle effects better than humbuckers. Humbuckers are totally gross sounding to me. Jazzmasters have a fatter and fuller sound than Jaguars. And if you're used to playing an SG you would be used to playing a JM neck, as they are both standard neck sizes as you said. So, if that's not too big for you, you should be fine. I vote Jazzmaster as well, even though you didn't list it.
  9. That #### is hilarious like when I heard about that guy who died trying to suck his own dick in Clerks
  10. When I was a KuRdtZ kID I wanted a Jaguar long before I had even seen a picture of Kurt playing one. Always thought Jazzmasters were cool #### too, the Jaguar can't beat it's elder who fathered the design. Why? cos teh kurdizt did'nt play one. My thoughts exactly.
  11. Its 50-100 posts iirc to be able to read these. Oh duh. I didn't think about it after I clicked the link, lost my train of thought. Cool.
  12. Flesh ring...hmmmm sounds like an old school condom made of lamb skin, but that's not really a "ring" once it's applied I guess is it? What happen to yr amp?
  13. Yeah it is I would say. And This is just kinda confusing. If it doesn't sell, I can hook you up with the original humbucker. Your wettest dreams you had as a young adolescent, will be given new life.
  14. Maybe your name should be Jaguar222 then. Jazzmasters FTW! Though I love all three, the Jazzmaster just has a fatter sound. Used to agree with ya when they just hit the shelves at a REASONABLE PRICE. But as time went on and I saw one at a shop and played one. I loved the purple, even with the anodized guard. The Jaguar may look elaborate, but is much more simple than it looks. 3 switches that don't really do much more than turning on and off pickups. Much like the toggle switch of the JM. Welcome to the forum. Never had a problem w/ the Jag/Jazzy tremolo keeping the strings in tune. T
  15. I have the Antiquity II's, they remind me of fat, warm and round sounding. I have the SJM1's as well, I would have to say it's mildly close to medium hot with a fat and round sound. Though it's been a while since I've had them installed, for what? A day? Ordering new pots and parts, so I'll post more if you want on them once I install them.
  16. wuttttttttttttt!!!! Did you get yr flanger yet Henry?
  17. Would you be interested in a 1970's Super Twin Stevie? I will agree. Though I've not heard the Mesa either...yet.
  18. Oh, you did post pictures. What is the graphic? Nice score! Demo?
  19. Fran, disregard my post on yr wall about this.
  20. Piss off. Redman- What country are you in? A few people on the forum might be able to make you a body. I wouldn't have thought it would be more than about
  21. Ima try and get you banned. I see what all the commotion was about. That wasn't even clever.
  22. The anti... If one is against soloing, would a solo come to exist? No, you would get a calculated/practiced/improvised noisy mess. Or one that's totally erratic in comparison to boring/normal solos.
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