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  1. he means the mxr van halen flanger Are these new? I just started seeing them like two weeks ago. Wonder if they're good, probably not as good as the Hartman though.
  2. This. Then those same silly players play those same ole blues that they always have on them. Meh.
  3. After seeing your penis I've decided I cannot look at you any longer. I warmly welcome you to this forum and hope you stay, if you agree to wear some pants you son of a b i t c h.
  4. I will agree with this. We should keep him around to deal with the Kurtz Kidz and helping them out 'cos none of them apparently know how to use a search feature. However I really wish he would have responded with a, "Yes I love Kurt!" before Henry's mask was removed.
  5. Lucky you. They really aren't that great though...can't believe some idiots have payed 1600 dollars for them.
  6. I nominate you for douche of the universe.
  7. That makes it sound like as if they know yr hand shape before you bought it. What's MDF mean?
  8. Cool, where did you hear about this? Also, why would someone prefer a Jaguar tremolo over a Strat one? Because its better lol. Matter of taste, the Jag trem seems smoother and more gradual, the Strat trem is more dramatic. Soo very true. Its much easier to grab while playing, than a Strat trem as well. I vote you get Jag w/ a hard tail as well...Or a Mustang cos their vibrato units suck anyway, unless ofc someone can inform me on a method of keeping that grub screw in there.
  9. Doing this is a crime against humanity. Don't even think about it.
  10. Noice. Does that give it more of a brighter sound?
  11. I would honestly think routing a pickguard is easier than routing a body. Depends what tools you have. I have found cutting pickguards to be a nightmare process. Also, yup, beautiful Jag. I believe it, but it's undoubtedly easier than routing a chunk of wood. Though if you screw up there is that upside of it being covered by the pick guard.
  12. I unfortunately agree, but it's nice all the same that they got something a little different on the Squier bass line. I'm diggin the Super Sonic Fender amp, found following those links. But 1g is a bit steep.
  13. Haha I hadn't noticed the head stock was a Thumbs up in your original picture. Crazy lookin geetar Fran! Do you have any videos uploaded playing it? And I feel like an idiot asking this after reading the wiki link, is the tweed, just for looks or a built in speaker on it?
  14. I would honestly think routing a pickguard is easier than routing a body.
  15. Will have to do this! Just surprised the guitar shop didn't notice anything wrong w/ any of the parts....If I were superstitious I'd say this guitar was cursed when it was sold to me.
  16. He said he bought a Les Paul that day too, and couldn't afford it....
  17. Looks like this guy bought this, and is trying to make just, 90 bucks, that's not considering what E-bay charges you....wow..Think this guy was really that unhappy w/ it? http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-USA-parts-Ja ... 3cadb41699
  18. Alrighty. This has been a long tedious process. The pickups initially were broken, frayed wires...I sent em back to Seymour, got em back in the mail, "as is." But the wires weren't frayed, I took that to mean, they were functional. I tried to get it to work by myself again, didn't take. I took it into the guitar shop, left it with them for 1 month and 3 weeks, and a couple of days. They told me the pickups were junk. I decided to toss them into my simple Jazzmaster, they work fine. So I wired my Red Jazzy like my Green Jazzy. All its set up to use is Volume/Tone/3 way switch. It doesn't work.
  19. I had similar problems. I found that I was forgetting to check to make sure nothing is touching something it shouldn't. Like bare wire crossing over another.
  20. Yeah, it was going for like 500 at the time. However, whoever bought it, didn't buy it. The guy wanted to end the sale early, cos he already sold it locally and kept retracting the bidders' bids. That's why it was so amazingly cheap. I was surprised to see this one go for so low. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Jaguar-Elect ... 3f0055980c At least I think that's cheap...that's like the price of a new one...should definitely be more than that.
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