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  1. If you want to play surf music, Jag is definately the way to go.
  2. Agreed. The Jaguar is one of the few guitars i cannot pick any fault with, its a beauty. +1
  3. lol you seem to like everything. It doesn't look too bad, but the humbucker ring is really icky, and the fact that they had to do it to a vintage 'stang...why? Why can't they just buy a reissue and have their way with it?
  4. Wow. What a lame stunt to make some cash. I could drive there in 3 hours but I don't really think thats worth it either.
  5. Yeah that stratocaster. I personally don't like high action, and the top E string buzzes, but the buzz is quite minimal.
  6. I love the paintjob on them especially with the tan guard. Anyone got any idea what pickups J uses in his strat?
  7. I can't wait to see 'em this summer, especially after seeing Live in the Middle East, their albums are amazing, but, live, so much better.
  8. J is not awesome, he IS God, I think Imma buy that Jazzmaster model of his, has anyone played it? I think its funny how he started as the drummer and then switched to guitar "'cos everyone else sucked."
  9. My friend had a Squier Telecaster, it was the most annoying sounding guitar I've ever heard. It was 270, that didn't come with any amp or anything. But 380 back int he 60's was worth more than it is now...so who knows.
  10. He is indeed a fruit cake, I should call him, see if phone sex will at all get him to lower his buy it now price.
  11. The Music Master is quite sexy, but yeah I'll second what you have to say bout the Jazzy.
  12. It was one ugly guitar, that's what it was.
  13. Pretty nice lookin. Once I get another job I going to get a pre cbs 'stang.
  14. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Different, were you drunkily typing away there nirvana23freak?
  15. Of course I am right, I'm always right, kinda like a midget bungee jumping into the sun.
  16. That does look cool, looks even cooler with the tree reflections in the chrome.
  17. I dunno, he probably just drank a bunch of blue cool-aid after a some paint stripping and spit it all over in a pickguard and bridge shape.
  18. lol so he left the guard n the bridge on the thing when he did what? scrapped off the paint? put it in paint thinner?
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