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  1. The line up of my pedals are: Rat, TurboRat, Ds1, Os-2, Ac2, PolyChorus, Small Clone, Holy Grail Plus, MXR Phase 90, DD6, Deluxe MemoryMan, and RC-2. Got a TU2 I'm selling, want to get a Flanger, Tremolo, and Wah pedal and sell the Polychorus 'cos it's too damn big for my suitcase pedal board. As for guitars I've got a custom one I'm putting together, it's going to be surf green, body by Robert and tilt back neck custom headstock by Aug 90 Red Stratocaster American Deluxe - thinking bout putting some LaceSensor pickups on it 96 Sonic Blue Jag-Stang with a JB sh-4. And a tiny Kustom amp a
  2. I've never really cared for anything Gibson, but whatever floats your boat.
  3. Rob, we need to have a talk about the birds and the bees. lol you read my mind, exactly what I was thinking.
  4. Looks pretty nice with that guard. You should change the humbucker, definately sounds nicer.
  5. Love the Bullet S2's. Also very much a fan of the Lead 2's. Very much a gem in Fender's long line of great, but shortlived and relatively forgotten, guitars. My friends got one of those lead 2's they're awesome, one of the best Strats I've played for sure.
  6. I was thinkin he was talkin bout frets, but apparently not. Pictars picktures please.
  7. Notta fan of the pickguard or the paint job either, but from a far the paint job jus looks black, making it kinda pointless, hafta second that as well.
  8. Asketh the man who has it up for auction and all shall be revealed.
  9. lol well she'd hafta get rid of her goldness, and I would probably second that.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and assume you mean stole? How are all you people getting your guitars stolen? Seriously?
  11. Once I saw the title I said to myself, "It must be April Fool's Day!" I dunno, I think it's a pretty good photoshop picture, aside from the not so noticable fuzzy pickup.
  12. Looks nice, but I would have to give it a couple of dates before I'd invite it to bed.
  13. Ah diesel yeah, forgot you were over in the UK. Yeah, sounds like a tight fit.
  14. In my experience, vans are better & more reliable, Iv'e got a small van that lugs our PA & my gear around, I just abuse it, never clean it, it just gets me to work, from A to B & does 45 - 50 to the gallon. On the other hand I have a lot of guitars that I cherish & clean & service a lot, I become attached & find it hard to get rid of them, my other half does not understand - she say's I can't play all of them at once, so theres no point ! What are the re-issue jazzies & jags like ? I love the look of the Jazzmasters with the matching headstocks. 45-50 a gallon??
  15. I have no interest in cars either, except one, my grandma has it sittin in her yard, it's from the 50's - one of those spaceship lookin' cars, I'd love to have that thing put back together.
  16. I didn't see what was so great bout it until I read a description. Sounds pretty awesome.
  17. I know, but it's worth it, maybe my mother wouldn't approve, but who cares bout that?
  18. I love Jazzmasters, I'm savin up for a nice vintage one, who needs a car when you can buy a nice vintage guitar?
  19. Nice. I like the pickguard for regular Teles better though, that and the regular head stock just goes with the body so much better. I bet it plays nice though!
  20. I think it sounds way better with a JB in it. The stock humbucker is a really cheesy sort of dirty sound.
  21. Looks like it's moldy all over, pretty cool, but way over priced.
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