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  1. Yeah, where? yeah where? I actually took em and pinned them on the donkey.
  2. sm58s and sm57s they had a few shure condenser mics sittin outside as well.
  3. There's a place here where the idiots leave their microphones outside for a "tent sale" and they stay inside their building, so those are mine once they put em out again, as far as I'm concerned!
  4. I wish I could help you, but this is the second post I've seen today where people found some nice #### sittin in the trash, where the hell do you people live? Nicest thing I ever saw sittin outside was a broken TV.
  5. lol I wish I could find a guitar in the trash, could take it on stage and smash it sometime, but then again I could jus go to a pawn shop n buy one for like 50 bucks and smash it on stage or as Nolan says, throw it in the fire.
  6. Sounds good, I'd like to see a picture. And I hope you do stick around.
  7. I dunno, I doubt he'll post here ever again, seems to be one of those guys who just posts to ask a question and that's it, on with life.
  8. The suspense caused him to spontaneously combust.
  9. Yeah that got me to think that as well, but look how this is worded buttons of tone and volume
  10. Wow, that was just rediculous, I think the suspense killed Willem it's been 7 days after all.
  11. On a side note, it's vintage, why couldn't he/she ruin a reissue instead.
  12. I'm not really into how Gibson guitars sound either, but to each their own!
  13. I'd like a Kurt Cobain signature model of the Jaguar. I don't really mind using the "underground" guitar, I know this sounds childish, but if Mustangs and Jaguars were the popular guitars, I probably would be into Strats and Teles. On the side subject, I don't think the Foo Fighters are anywhere near as big as Nirvana, they're popular, but they weren't like the center of attention like Nirvana was. There was a huge focus on Nirvana. I like the Foo Fighters, but I don't know, theres just something about their sound that doesn't catch my ear, it doesn't really have as catchy a sound, and it's j
  14. Wow, I suddenly felt sicker than I did the first time I ate that food that smells like a dumpster, oh yeah it's called fish.
  15. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree w/ Fran, with the "inconsistency in production theory with Jag-stangs." I have 2 friends with 'em and I have one, and they all sound different, and they sound even more different since we all put different humbuckers in them. My friend John's Jag-stang chips really easily too, when I was playing with my band it smacked to the floor, there was no damage at all on it, I don't know what that's all about. And just the look of the neck of his was quite a bit darker and glossier than mine by comparison, but that's not something that really matters.
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