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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/1966-FENDER-JAGUAR- ... 27b2582fb4 UGLY YES! CHEAP? YES!!!
  2. My bad. I was abiding four in the morning confusion.
  3. The bridge is meant to jiggle around, but to get rid of that, wrap some electrical tape around the posts that go into posts in the body. That will sturdy it up, just be sure to use the right amount of tape. I am curious, dyou have the traditional Jaguar/Jazzmaster tremolo system, or a hard tail version?
  4. S'long as it's American made...Look, and believe with yr own eyes, if you're skeptical. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/prod ... sku=510484
  5. Depends what sound you want. I suggest Seymour Duncan. I got SJM-1s and Antiquity II's that I've had experience with. I like both. Antiquity pups try to replicate the sound of a vintage Jazzmaster pickup from the 60s, by slightly demagnetizing them, going as far as adding dust to them, etc, etc, etc. I'm not sure if they're a good replication as I've not played a vintage Jazzy or Jag, but they sound amazing. Also, I don't think J Mascis would purchase them if they weren't capable of sounding vintage, as he actually has money to throw around for an actual vintage pickup. Fran would recommend
  6. Proud new owner. Thinking I'm going to paint the head stock the same color. Probably not going to decal it. It's a Warmoth Body and an All Parts neck. Was done "professionally" by a local luthier of Milwaukee. My last visit to Milwaukee I actually visited there, was the only guitar shop I've been to in Milwaukee actually. My friends picked it up for me, so hopefully it wont get stolen and I'll have it by this coming week. I keep trying to edit the second picture to be right side up, like I edited it to be in photobucket but no luck, but enjoy.
  7. I like mine. I've not played a US Jag, but I've played a US Jazzy. My MIJ was unfortunately not made of alder. It's quite heavy and the stock pups were okay, not great though. I definitely recommend up grading yr pups. Cloth wiring is of course "nicer" I s'pose, that's not an expensive thing to do if you really want to. Switches have held up pretty well, I beat on my guitar, so that's saying something. But I've replaced them, so what I'm trying to say is, I've had those moments where I was amazed that they didn't break.
  8. Reminds me of my Jag What's the body made of? Purdy. Never heard of those amps before.
  9. Why that thread title then? I would definitely pick that up if my money wasn't all spoken for atm.
  10. Ah all Japan Fenders are reissues, if I'm not mistaken. They certainly aren't "original" models anyway. Unless of course it's the Jagmaster. It probably is a '62 reissue. I don't know what the difference is between a '62, well, I think it's '66 that was reissued as well? But it more than likely is a '62 if s/he said it was. What particulars, in particular are you looking to acquire as a part of your knowledge?
  11. You fail at life. Had that happen to my strat a few times:lol: Jaguars make this fix nice and easy with the control plate being separate and all. Was wondering the same thing myself some while back.
  12. Whoa dude, calm down you need to breathe and relieve that blue from yr face. I didn't win, but I drove up the price on that thing a nice bit.
  13. Heck yeah Luke, I'm 2 minutes away from putting my bid in here. I liked your noisey demo btw...maybe the wrong place to post that but while it's on my mind.
  14. Hate that song/joke, but it's true, every time I jizz, I do it for this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-USA-parts-Ja ... 3a5ad691fb
  15. I agree with Foxy, it's placement makes it look dodgy. But if it sounds good, that's all that really matters. Lots of people think the Jaguar is an ugly guitar to boot, don't think they'll care about a single pup. Do you like the way it looks? No? Like the way it sounds? Yes. Does the sound outweigh the ugliness? I'd put a regular Jag trem on it, they're so nice. I don't like that Bigsby at all.
  16. Wow that's an amazing deal! Fixed. You are one lucky SOB sir.
  17. Absolutely don't like the sound of that at all.
  18. You're not gonna have room, I have the same thing...essentially. Gonna have to move those switches if you want them.
  19. I think if he ends up getting the dynamic vibrato once he puts it up to the guitar he'd realize there isn't room for it. If he doesn't he probably won't graduate high school.
  20. i could just buy some white PU covers and change em, maybe i will start off with one pickup and get another futher down the track. having a hot pickup in the bridge would be freaking awesome, good thinking. They don't come with covers, you have to buy em separately either way. SJM-1s sounds quite nice too. I say put the stang pup in the bridge if you don't put a jazzy pup in there.
  21. Beautiful! Though I do agree with Foxy on that one.
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