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  1. my friend smutvendetta (cool name by the way) i think you did not understand my question. I saw them pictures from the link.... and i think you mean the bridge cover. My question was about the mute plate assembly check it out: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tGXVU2me5og/S ... /73jag.jpg

    that thing fits under the bridge and mutes the strings giving a really cool surf sound.... i think it only fits jaguars not jazzmasters.

    thanks for your reply anyway.

    My bad. I was abiding four in the morning confusion.

  2. Depends what sound you want.

    I suggest Seymour Duncan. I got SJM-1s and Antiquity II's that I've had experience with. I like both. Antiquity pups try to replicate the sound of a vintage Jazzmaster pickup from the 60s, by slightly demagnetizing them, going as far as adding dust to them, etc, etc, etc. I'm not sure if they're a good replication as I've not played a vintage Jazzy or Jag, but they sound amazing. Also, I don't think J Mascis would purchase them if they weren't capable of sounding vintage, as he actually has money to throw around for an actual vintage pickup. Fran would recommend the SJM-2's or 3's, which I imagine are also very good. They have more of a hot sound iirc. Or you could try Jason Lollar. I've not heard any of these pups, but I'm sure they're decent/of quality/better?? than what I would expect from Seymour Duncan.

  3. Proud new owner.



    Thinking I'm going to paint the head stock the same color. Probably not going to decal it.

    It's a Warmoth Body and an All Parts neck. Was done "professionally" by a local luthier of Milwaukee. My last visit to Milwaukee I actually visited there, was the only guitar shop I've been to in Milwaukee actually. My friends picked it up for me, so hopefully it wont get stolen and I'll have it by this coming week.

    I keep trying to edit the second picture to be right side up, like I edited it to be in photobucket but no luck, but enjoy.

  4. I like mine. I've not played a US Jag, but I've played a US Jazzy. My MIJ was unfortunately not made of alder. It's quite heavy and the stock pups were okay, not great though. I definitely recommend up grading yr pups. Cloth wiring is of course "nicer" I s'pose, that's not an expensive thing to do if you really want to. Switches have held up pretty well, I beat on my guitar, so that's saying something. But I've replaced them, so what I'm trying to say is, I've had those moments where I was amazed that they didn't break.

  5. My latest. In my current gigging arena im still nervous to use the 64 Jag due to stuff like our bassist getting his Jazz pinched so i got this CIJ in a trade.

    My second sunburst model, its nice, put a SJag-2 in the bridge.


    Reminds me of my Jag :lol: What's the body made of?


    This is my Newly finished rig. I used to own a gibson les paul classic but i played on this jag and i knew i had to get it. I sold the Les Paul That night and bought the jag the next day and i love the sounds i can get out of this thing. I bought it this week so its still all stock but i ordered a different pickguard thats coming in tommorrow and i will post some more pics after then

    Purdy. Never heard of those amps before.

  6. hey everyone.... just acquired a great MIJ Jazzmaster and am wondering if someone can answer a question. I was told that this guitar is a Japanese 62 reissue Jazzmaster, but can only confirm that it was made in either 95 or 96 by the serial number. I was told by a fairly reliable source that most of the Jazzmasters made in Japan were reissue models. I have included a pic of mine. any info would be great. regardless, it's an awesome guitar and I am falling more in love with it daily! just wondering if I can get the particulars on this guitar.


    Ah all Japan Fenders are reissues, if I'm not mistaken. They certainly aren't "original" models anyway. Unless of course it's the Jagmaster. It probably is a '62 reissue. I don't know what the difference is between a '62, well, I think it's '66 that was reissued as well? But it more than likely is a '62 if s/he said it was. What particulars, in particular are you looking to acquire as a part of your knowledge?

  7. guitar tech, everyone's out to get you trust me it'll cost you about 50 bucks or so (if you're lucky) but in the end when left to a professional you'll be better off.

    You fail at life.

    pretty simple solution...just get your toolbox out and tighten it yourself. Sometimes i neglect that problem and just semi tighten it with my fingers...next thing i know the input falls into the guitar. :|

    Had that happen to my strat a few times:lol: Jaguars make this fix nice and easy with the control plate being separate and all.

    By the way, I still say they should be called OUTPUT jacks. I have no idea where this 'input' stuff came from.

    Was wondering the same thing myself some while back.

  8. I agree with both of you. I dont like the Bigsby even a little bit. I already ordered a Fender tremolo and a Fender pickguard.. then I discovered the P90 was an old Gibson AND it sounded good. SO right not I am doing exactly what you guys mentioned... ugly... sound... hmmm...ugly... sound...? Honestly I think Ugly is going to lose and I will likely yank it out. A little tweaking with any decent amp will recreate that p90 growl. Also, the wiring is "dodgy". The P90 is only activiated when the neck pickup is turned on adn then I can toggle to have them both (neck humbucker and P90 together) or just the P90. He added a toggle between the main volume and control. Im going to take it to the shop to have that one reversed thanks. I used Faderlube on the pots yesterday, WOW, not a scratch, crackle or hum since.

    When you say humbucker d'you mean bridge pup?

  9. I agree with Foxy, it's placement makes it look dodgy. But if it sounds good, that's all that really matters. Lots of people think the Jaguar is an ugly guitar to boot, don't think they'll care about a single pup. Do you like the way it looks? No? Like the way it sounds? Yes. Does the sound outweigh the ugliness? I'd put a regular Jag trem on it, they're so nice. I don't like that Bigsby at all.

  10. Hi Ray:

    I paid $700 for it. I did a little more research since my last post and discovered that the

    P-90 is Gibson (likely late 60's). It's also wired in oddily, when you turn the neck pickup on the bridge plate the toggle turns the p90 on and off. It has an amazing growl... now I might keep it. However the palm pedal HAS to go, touch it once and its out of tune.

    Wow that's an amazing deal!


    You are one lucky SOB sir.

  11. I would just try to simplify the reason as to why it won't work, and sit back and have a laugh.

    And why the hell would he want to swap it for a dynamic vibrato?

    I wouldn't worry to much though one of two things will happen...

    1) he tries it, and realizes that he's an idiot.

    2) he just grows out of the idea.

    I think if he ends up getting the dynamic vibrato once he puts it up to the guitar he'd realize there isn't room for it. If he doesn't he probably won't graduate high school.

  12. Just spare some more money and put 2 Jazzy pickups in that thing. :P

    Why not put eighter a Seymour Duncan: Hot for Jazzmaster SJM-2 or a Ouarter Pound SJM-3 in the bridge? And put a normal Fender Jazzy pickup in the neck. That way you can still rock your balls off with that thing. :)

    Only problem is that i don't know if the SJM-2 and SJM-3 are availible in a white color to match your pickguard. :oops:

    i could just buy some white PU covers and change em, maybe i will start off with one pickup and get another futher down the track. having a hot pickup in the bridge would be freaking awesome, good thinking.

    They don't come with covers, you have to buy em separately either way. SJM-1s sounds quite nice too. I say put the stang pup in the bridge if you don't put a jazzy pup in there.

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