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  1. You're a little late to the party as he sold/is selling it.
  2. CIJ models are wired the same...They perform the same functions as AVRI's... Linear and audio pots make no difference. Instead of rewiring the entire guitar you should install new pickups to take over the function those nasty Japanese pickups are performing. Wax on your pickups? Why?
  3. Chances are it wouldn't fit right even if you could buy one, as they're made for the MIM CP Jazzy/Jaguars.
  4. Alrighty. I guess I'm just gonna vent on here cos I know I wont get answers cos it's impossible to diagnose the problem w/out dealing with it in person. Since I got these Antiquity pups back from Seymour Duncan not long ago I've been determined to get this done...I've been trying as much as I can. Thought I'd try to get it to work with the SJM pups first as they don't have those stupid copper wires on the corner of the pickups rubbing against the plastic cover thus making them useless if you remove them from the cover. So I open it up, try to get it to work with the SJM pups. Last I had it wi
  5. fixed properly fixed I see a few mistakes here...Don't know if I'd use the word "proper" to describe it.
  6. ABOUT TIME!!!!!! Though you didn't post that, I concur...you must.
  7. thats not tremolo in the slightest... ...exactly. Fifties Tremolo by Signal Flex. Hope to add another tremolo to my pedal chain some day.
  8. I think the same quite a lot of the time.... Because these kinds of kids come and go but us cool ones stick around.
  9. Lets combine all our pedals together and do just that. Nice ass collection. Wow. I want to try that TBD or whatever it was and the Probe/theremin-like pedals. Oh and the motor tremolo. His pedals really don't look used. So maybe they are going to waste as Richie says. He does kinda seem like a twat.
  10. This is very true. I was pretty surprised to see the difference once I put my Jazzmaster/Jaguar side by side.
  11. SmutVendetta is now one year away from reaching Y2K. SmutVendetta is partying like it is 1999!
  12. Thanks for your reply. The gain does decrease, that's cool to me, i use the volume to clean up the signal a little. what i want to avoid is to suddenly, exactly when turning down the volume knob about 3/8, get a drop of tone (brightness) and get the same sound as if i would roll down the tone knob almost completely, knob which i'm not touching at any time while rolling down the volume one. I suppose that the volume pot is not working properly so i just need some advice on what to do to get the volume to decrease without losing brightness in my signal. Should i just change it or did this h
  13. +100Its the weak link aesthetically, sounds good though. The HH sounds awesome. I really enjoyed that, timeless tunes and image, gonna add it to my favorites. Be sure to upload some more in the future Be sure to post more in the future. You have the stock pups on the guitar? I also vote he get a Jazzmaster.
  14. They also didnt make any left handed ones for the reissues i don't believe. My lefty was a CIJ one made in 97. The finishes i think are just going from aqua green that kurt wanted to actual sonic blue, because my mustang was made in 94-95 and that finish is sonic blue and is noticeably bluer. As far as saying that the jagstang may of just faded, before i owned it the previous owner never touched it, just put it on display, whereas my mustang i played everyday from when i got it back in april last year until i got my jagstang, so that should have a similar color. i think fender figured it'd sav
  15. What? That guy who sold it to you should be jailed. Did he frame put a nice frame around the picture for you? So you can remember it in it's pristine condition that it hopefully won't always remain in as the designer of the guitar had intended?
  16. You keep going on about how amazing it is. *sings: "You change your mind, like a gilmourgirl"* SmutVendetta has now come out of the 1980's and entered the year 1990 and 1991 in a very short time span.
  17. They cost about 500 dollars less than a new AVRI, so no they don't. Guitar simplicity can result in amazing things, look at Sonic Youth for example. Amazing.
  18. Boioioioioing. Was it yr music in that video though? I liked it.
  19. You don't post much, but this one was good. Why would you make such a comment about kurt not using Marshalls when you're such a good forum member?
  20. And yet he never used marshall amps. Whoa. Okay. I guess all the video footage I've ever seen has been doctored. What kinda stupid cover up is this?
  21. Yeah that guy! He's a giant, I swore I could go skiing off his nose. I touched his bass. And for the record, Big Pink sucks hardcore live. I really wish that APTBS woulda closed the show up instead. EGO DEATH Tour, yet BIG PINK closed? I don't get it. I think they were switching off?
  22. Or it can repeat your mistakes over and over and over again, like your mother.
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