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  1. Alrighty. I guess I'm just gonna vent on here cos I know I wont get answers cos it's impossible to diagnose the problem w/out dealing with it in person. Since I got these Antiquity pups back from Seymour Duncan not long ago I've been determined to get this done...I've been trying as much as I can. Thought I'd try to get it to work with the SJM pups first as they don't have those stupid copper wires on the corner of the pickups rubbing against the plastic cover thus making them useless if you remove them from the cover.

    So I open it up, try to get it to work with the SJM pups. Last I had it wired, it worked almost 100%, but like clockwork, every time I open this bitch up the problematic situation shifts. Now for some reason now it makes no sound at all in any switched position. I had made the mistake of taking both the ground/active wire out of one of the pickups of the SJM pups. Don't know which one, but I tried them backwards and vice versa on each. Still. Nothing.

    So I try with my Antiquity pups. Still. Nothing. I used to be able to touch the grounding plates at least and get sound I don't get this anymore...

    I've REWIRED this bastard two times. By this I mean, I used a new batch of wires, new solder whatever. I know for a fact that it is wired correctly. You don't wire something, look at the diagram 1000000000000000 times and f u c k it up, especially when you check it another 10000000000000000 times after you finish doing it, unless of course you are stupid, which I am sometimes, but not 10000000000000000 times in a row. I've had it looked at more than ten times by other people who aren't so much into wiring guitars, but have worked with soldering a lot, they know what to look for when it comes to problems with such things. The electronics ARE correctly soldered together. The soldered connections are sturdy, they do not budge, and they are shiny. Everyone who has checked it for me says, "looks good." No wires exposed, electrical tape right up to the soldered joint to avoid any wires crossing/hum/whatever. I have even sprayed it with an electrical cleaning solvent.

    So I NEED to know how I can tell if an electronic unit is broken (that means: toggle/slide switch, pots or input). Thanks.

    My only other idea is, maybe the Antiquity pickups came back still broken? Think they would do that? I would like to think they test them before they mail them back. But then wouldn't it work w/ the SJM's? I seriously need some help with this. I'm afraid if I keep failing with this I'm going to throw this thing out the window, and I really don't want to have wasted the dough on this just for it to end up broken from a 40 foot fall.

  2. If i had all of those, I wouldnt get a job and would make a museum of them, and play them in the evenings >.>

    Lets combine all our pedals together and do just that.

    Nice ass collection. Wow. I want to try that TBD or whatever it was and the Probe/theremin-like pedals. Oh and the motor tremolo.

    His pedals really don't look used. So maybe they are going to waste as Richie says.

    He does kinda seem like a twat.

  3. How do you mean? Does the gain decrease? Are you getting knobs mixed up?

    Thanks for your reply.

    The gain does decrease, that's cool to me, i use the volume to clean up the signal a little. what i want to avoid is to suddenly, exactly when turning down the volume knob about 3/8, get a drop of tone (brightness) and get the same sound as if i would roll down the tone knob almost completely, knob which i'm not touching at any time while rolling down the volume one.

    I suppose that the volume pot is not working properly so i just need some advice on what to do to get the volume to decrease without losing brightness in my signal.

    Should i just change it or did this happen to you o anyone you know? how did you fix it or how would you fix it?

    Thanks again!


    I was having a problem like this on my Jazzmaster when it was working not all that long ago. I had to go in there and make sure all any and all bare wires/other electronic du-hickies weren't touching and such. I think the wire from the cap was touching the pot and I don't know, electrical tape helped make sure no bare wires were touching and so forth. Open her up n show us the goods, while yr at it, try separating any bare wire that may touch, or be touching each other/the pots then lemme know if that helped.

  4. This is more of a RI vs original, although 4 years of non production doesn't make it a reissue IMO. Also, They switched to CIJ about halfway through the original production :wink:

    I heard that the RIs have slightly different finishes - they tend to be thicker and less green. That and alder instead of the original basswood is the only change.

    They also didnt make any left handed ones for the reissues i don't believe. My lefty was a CIJ one made in 97. The finishes i think are just going from aqua green that kurt wanted to actual sonic blue, because my mustang was made in 94-95 and that finish is sonic blue and is noticeably bluer. As far as saying that the jagstang may of just faded, before i owned it the previous owner never touched it, just put it on display, whereas my mustang i played everyday from when i got it back in april last year until i got my jagstang, so that should have a similar color. i think fender figured it'd save production costs by doign a standard sonic blue instead of having a custom blue-green just for the jagstang.

    I think the colors are indeed different. However, a guitar's color fading is completely irrelevant to use of the previous owner. If it was out on display it's color was absorbed by the sun light, simple as that, and it is as slight as it may be, it is faded.

  5. I paid 1200 for mine but it was in perfect condition and had a piture of the jag-stang with it

    What? That guy who sold it to you should be jailed. Did he frame put a nice frame around the picture for you? So you can remember it in it's pristine condition that it hopefully won't always remain in as the designer of the guitar had intended?

  6. Just mustang pick up covers... Jaguar pick ups. I'm really digging the red/tortoise combo on the Jazzmaster and the White/white on the Jag. I played my 1st live show with these guitars last night and broke strings on both though... :| Frustrating, but I'm sure I will figure out the problem. I've got em strung w/ 11s...hmmm :?: Anyway, here is a picture of the guitars--> gits.jpg 86' MIJ CAR Jazzmaster and a 99' CIJ Jaguar

    Boioioioioing. Was it yr music in that video though? I liked it.

  7. I played really sloppily today actually, through Henry's mass of pedals. Which I was dissapointed about, as my playing has been good recently due to much sitting around the house... My poor playing still shone through. I really cannot agree with you that pedals can simply mask mistakes as you say. They can't correct bum notes in scales, or make up for crap technique... I'm not negating learning to play well. Thats just foolish.

    Or it can repeat your mistakes over and over and over again, like your mother.

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