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  1. we need a KuRt GeAr Question section so at least all the stupidity could be contained in some hellish section of filth. :lol:

    Oh my God, this is actually such a good idea. Someone needs to do this, it might stop the same questions being asked over and over again to at least some extent. If nobody does this I will.

    I whole-heartedly concur.

  2. :lol: that's coincidentally the ONLY song I've ever heard by that guy. Cool lyrics, singing slightly reminds me of Jell-o Biafra, but the instrumentals parts were too boring for me to really want to listen to the rest of the album, though it was a bonus tracks album so I guess I really haven't experienced his music. There was another double neck jag I saw floating around on another forum, I think it was offsetguitars if I'm not mistaken, it was sparkley red/blue/white. Really, not all that cool, but the guy playing it certainly was. He dressed much like a nine year old who wanted to be a magician.
  3. Alrighty, I've been constipated to the point of lack of sleep with these problems, my eyes are burning, but maybe that's just from the lead in the solder from the removal of parts to substitute others and constant part swapping as I anxiously await new pieces to make their arrival at my door step. Of all the wiring problems, the ones from the new Jazzy are killing me!! I've fixed most of them, however I'm having one final problem that I just cannot figure out myself. The bridge pup just doesn't want to work, I was fiddling with the ground wire, jiggled it around, and suddenly it burst into life, in the right position it worked fine. So I cut it short, thinking the wires must have broken somewhere in that area I was fooling around with it, and soldered it once more into the pup. Still it won't work, I jiggled the ground wire around trying to find that sweet spot, but apparently that was a once in a life time thing. I took the ground plate from under the bridge pup and stuck between the toggle switch/aluminum plate under the pick guard and it works awesomely. The only idea I can fathom conjuring up is, the ground wire was broken somewhere along the way? So I just tried to put a different one in to do the job, still nothing....unless I put the copper plate in that extra special spot :-tired

    Think I'll try and replace the other wire next. If that doesn't work, I really don't know what the "frack" to do aboot it other than create a copper ring and attach it to the base of the toggle switch and ground the pup to it :lol:

  4. Damnit, I got it all put together and bam, I pull a stupid and accidentally break the 3 way switch. Trying to solder it back together though :lol:

    You can wire it up with one pickup until you can get a replacement. At least that way you will be able to make some noise with it :-)

    Twas pondering smacking that ball while it was in my court, but, I think I'll just pick up a new one from the local music shop. Just have to haggle with them as they over price things a redonkulous bit...like a DS-1 for $50

  5. :-D can't wait to get it together, just waiting on some last parts to show up here so I can get it playing. I took apart some of my guitars so I could play this one, but it's just not wanting to work, so, until those parts get in here, I'm pretty much guitarless :evil:

    :shock: I jizzed.

    I did too...prematurely before...and after.

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