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  1. Almost done. Should be able to finish it up tonight!
  2. +1 Amazing guitar! Nice Jazzy!
  3. +1 I like how its not a but in the web page code form.
  4. I want to see some more pictures of that beautiful thing and video demo for sure.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-JAGSTANG-MIN ... 2559449f05 Forgot to point this out to you: NOTE: This is a miniature guitar. It is NOT real. Cannot be played. For display only
  6. Anyone notice that their volume knobs take diff slots? I really like that modification on Thurston's. It certainly gets in the way at bad times.
  7. Based on the red, my first suggestion would be to go vintage: aged white covers with anodized aluminum pickguard. Red tort would also look great. However, seeing that you're committed to the abalone, I'd say stick with some basic black or white covers and avoid the abalone knobs. The knobs would just make it look gaudy. Set it up with some sleek black or chrome witch hats. This is all just my taste though, I've no right to decide what goes on your Jazzmaster. I remember seeing a Jag with an abalone pickguard and mixed black/white covers and thinking it looked pretty classy. I ordered some
  8. Double checked. Even re-soldered some of these connections. Still, the neck pup does not work in the out of phase position. I cannot figure out what is wrong with this. Anyone have some pics I could use as reference, cos the diagram makes little sense to me if I did it wrong I misread it and - I was sure I followed it to a T. I must have something wired in the wrong place, that's the only feasible explanation I think. So please, anyone, take apart your JS and take a pic for me for a reference, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. Okie dokie. I'll see, but if all the wires are all connected I honestly don't know which one would be wrongfully placed, 'cos like I said I think I followed the diagram perfectly.
  10. I can't wait to get this put together, I'm so excited! Pup cover color suggestions though?
  11. Long story short, this sale didn't work out because of paypal. I was all ready to send this seller the money and then my new paypal set up through my debit card didn't work out, so I had to wait another 3 days to set it up. I lost internet connection for a few days making communication very hard, but, in the end he sold it before I could send him the cash. I just committed myself to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... K:MEWNX:IT Told him I'd pay him 500 if his original auction, for 600 didn't work out. I really don't feel like waiting another 6 days, so what's 50 bucks? Gonna equip
  12. The switches I ordered 7 weeks ago finally got in the other day. Replaced them almost successfully. The neck pup switch does not do anything when switched towards the neck, I looked at the schematics, I can't figure it out looking at that. Can anyone tell me what wire goes where to activate that? Or show me on the diagram anyway? I'm pretty sure mines set up like that, but I'm a noob at reading it so I guess I could be wrong.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Why does the neck being finished like that ruin that possibility? So do I, and so does Mad-MIke.... I have one too. Who else here has a KuRtZzz Stang shirt????? I have that shirt myself.
  14. I don't really understand what you mean about your dilemma. A void? Why is there a void because it's routed? Anyway, I drew up a Telemaster a couple years ago, but mine had the Jazzy tremolo instead. That's pretty awesome though! Post pics when you're done I'd love to see it!!
  15. Me too I mean, it's a frickn antique. +1 when will people learn that flames as a design on anything really = very corny. Well, I did mention the you were warned. Now check out this sweeet Jazzmaster Shirt. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nirvana-Lefty-Jazzm ... 53dfef190d
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/1965-Fender-Jazzmas ... 335aa7b332
  17. You can always try, just let me know when you want to give it a go, I wouldn't want to accidentally kill you or anything. With that being said, avoid the chocolates I have laid out on the plate, they are there to entice intruders, little do they know, they are full of glass.
  18. Yeah I thought they were supposed to be the newer Kurt Cobain model, (compared to the Japanese ones sold on eBay - which I don't see anymore) only, at least, I am 99% sure I saw that sunburst one deemed as such on the Musiciansfriend site. Must have gotten rid of that title after they added the gunmetal red burst.
  19. Quite the looker. I vote against the decal though! I like that worn look I'm pretty sure it's blue.
  20. I didn't find any pictures of em like that, but I only did a simple google search. So I went to that dressing room on ofg.com and checked it out. I think I'm gonna keep it white...for a while at least.
  21. Haha I had that exact same problem when I did mine
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