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  1. Not a bad price though, I'd pick that up sand that f u c k in hideous design off of it.
  2. luckkkyyy that gold looks killer Couldn't agree more! AMAZING! I dig the vintage look! I hope you play the crap out of her. Use her in good health . The Jaguar will be getting a little break time that much can be said! I wouldn't be surprised if it gets ding'd up though with it's new owner, I'm pretty aggressive with my guitars when I forget what breaking it in any way possible means. Was thinking of painting up the pup covers/rest of the white some other color, but I actually really like it with the plain white vs that old look.
  3. Tyvm! I will agree with that statement. Was pretty cheap too considering it already had upgraded pups in it. Yeah, something like that, the technical term for it is, "anodized." Reminds me of the J Mascis Jazzy, which I hope to pick up soon. Don't know if I should go for that or the 'stang, probably the J Mascis one, same pickguard on it, I love the way it looks! MIJ! Thank ya, I totally agree with ya there, love that combo.
  4. Should be here by Friday next week! He wrote it has: "Seymore Duncan hot Jazzmaster pups" May be picking up a 1970 comp orange 'stang too
  5. Was planning on picking it up either thursday or wednesday, but now that I read your PM....That's an even sweeter price.
  6. It will be mine! I'll let you know if he plans on selling it to me, otherwise I definitely would like to get that one, as it's the same thing
  7. I like how both of those questions were actually answered in his original post, but you went ahead and asked them anyway. I don't recall ever seeing anyone post a pic of that guitar before on here, sorry. What's funnier is I did read it, just after I got done, wondered these things, and forgot entirely what I had read
  8. I noticed lol I found the image code in the page's html, a desperate attempt to see if you had more pr0n pictures of the guitar I thought was yours, tried to find that listing, but it's not coming up at all. I had to make a new email address to get the guy to respond to me, apparently shipping it scares him so much so that he couldn't take the time to bother with telling me that in the first place. Haven't brought up the 3 hour drive factor to the guy, so, we'll see if I find a way over there and if that still makes him uncomfortable.. Did you happen to know if the pups in that one are upgra
  9. 'http://ventura.craigslist.org/msg/1562198812.html Yeah I know what you mean, I was in awe when I saw how cheap this was going for. Definitely wouldn't have passed that up, but he sold it already. I was wondering about that too you will if i get one!
  10. Really Joey? That'd be bad ass! I'd definitely take that up. Plus, I can trust you, unlike this stranger on the internet whose avoiding me like the plague.
  11. For an MIJ, yeah I'd say so, but I would see if he could lower the price for me a bit cos I don't have a use for the buzz stop and he'd have to ship it, but 800 for that, with matching head stock?! Why the hell not?!
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/Jazzmaster-Fender-U ... dZViewItem
  13. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/m ... 22717.html I've been contacting the seller for the past two days and haven't gotten a response yet! Hope I can pick this up, but I'd want to put a red guard on it, imagine I would have to special order one since it's Japanese?
  14. That is my dream guitar! Love the binding/blocks!
  15. I just put some Antiquity II's in my Jaguar last week, sounds amazing! Granted a diff sound, but, still, they even put dust in the pick ups to help replicate the sound.
  16. I just may be Fran! lol I wish I had a dollar for that too. Bridge pops out, and I put it on backwards...lots of work when you got strings in the way. Fortunately to fix this, it doesn't require any of that. I tried it, then I switched it back because nothing was coming through the amp, didn't think to check the cord I was using. When I switched it back then the sound started coming through, then it started going out, and it was then I realized it was the cord, so I'm going to switch it back once more and find out!
  17. Actually...now that I think about it, I think I accidentally unscrewed the switch when I was taking off the plate and probably put it in upside down. Wow. I think, I'm possibly retarded.
  18. I did exactly what the Seymour Duncan diagram told me to do. Neck pup = Black - ground. Yellow top control, soldered to the same spot I cut the other from. Bridge pup black - ground, blue soldered to same spot I snipped the other wire from. And of course grounding the pickup to the claw. I kept the bridge pup in the box as I worked on the neck pup, triple checked that I was working with the right pup before I started. I don't think it's the wrong way around. Two black wires on each pup, unlike the yellow and blue, so I'm pretty sure black = ground, as also indicated by the diagram. Which is
  19. I put my new pups in my Jaguar a couple days ago, everything works fine, sounds great, but, the switch system is now backwards. Up controls the lower volume/tone knob. Down now switches to the upper horn controls. Why, how did that happen? Can I switch it back?
  20. Nice! Grats! Lets see some demos Seymour Duncan JB humbucker ftw! Or DiMarzio super distortion I hear people like to put on there.
  21. Thank ya! I was trying to find it, all I found was changing the tubes and speakers. Have to purchase it eh? We can go halfsies? lol
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