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  1. Ring thing sounds like it could be pretty cool I used to use my Polychorus for a metallic sound like described in that description, but eh, I can live without it.
  2. Whats this mod? Yes please, share! Definitely interested n seeing what yr talking about.
  3. lol I like that you high five when earlier you called it a POS. My friend was getting rid of his for 200 bux, I couldn't pass up that deal. Cost me 10 bux essentially after I sold my other Marshall to my friend for 190. The thing is soo f'ng bright sounding though. I wouldn't mind purchasing a new head for it haha.
  4. +1. Such a great collection. +2 Haha... well, for me it's mostly "right place at the right time"... it's also a good idea to buy something you life when you see it, rather than asking alot of questions first and kicking tires. I can't tell you how many cool guitars I've lost out on because I wanted to "stew on it for a few days". You usually realize how good of a deal something was the minute AFTER you just found out someone else bought it. The key is to keep your eyes and ears open... they will not come to you, you need to actively be on the lookout, and be ready to pull the trigger
  5. Jag-Stang/Jaguar/Jazzstang > Rat >T Rat> DD6> Small Clone > Phase 90 > PS5 > Memory Man Deluxe > Fifties Tremolo > AC-2 > Fender Reverb Unit > Crate Blue Voodoo > Marshall, I forget what model.
  6. If I remember correctly September 19th, 2008. September either way. I forgot, it was actually sticking out a bit, I hadn't noticed it for a long while, so it wasn't placed correctly, and I fixed it and just never glued it, til I figured why not, I was putting on some new strings anyway. 25 bucks, yeah that's expensive for sure. Never use permanent glue, good idea good sir!
  7. Paint me green with envy. Paint foam on my fangs dripping with rabies
  8. Ever since I purchased my Jaguar, the nut has been loose, so I thought I would try and glue it in there, came out nice n easy as it was loose to begin with, but, putting it back in did me no good....broke the nut. I ordered a new one, a blank one, is there anyway to take care of the slots myself? There's no decent repair shop around here, unless of course I'm willing to wait a month or two for my instrument to get back into my hands. Or pay a rediculous fee for a not so professional job. And, I'm totally not willing to do that.
  9. haha yeah they do, but if they wanted to live a plain boring life they'd just run away, i'm sure Compared to the wire schematics it isn't wired stock...pretty shotty job after i looked at it, they weren't very sturdily soldered to the switch at all, definitely won't be taking my guitars back to that guy. So, I'm glad I learned to do it myself. To my friend Joey: haha btw got it by the 3rd one The first attempt (2 days ago) resulted in a blister on my thumb that was torn off yesterday. The gun wasn't getting hot enough, so instead of using my grandpas, which I ruined a tip to attempt this, I
  10. I've heard myself through the amp once, it was weird. Hopefully will be soldering this, this week.
  11. Ah, wax, good thinking, didn't think of that. That's interesting about the vintage pups, unfortunately, I don't own anything vintage except for my Mustang case so, no worries then!
  12. Quick question too, some time ago, I was beating on my Jag-stang and I pushed the magnets into the pick up, some time after doing that I took off the pickguard and saw little circular glue-like pieces laying in the routes, I can push em back up, they stay up just fine, and it works just fine. Not to detour from my original question, but my new question though, does anyone know if it'd be a bad idea to take some hot glue and glue them back up?
  13. Yeah please do make that, as a noob I'd love to see it.
  14. Beautiful. Thank ya for being so helpful Joey! I think I'll figure it out.
  15. I took off the control plate to investigate, I'm perplexed. I can confirm now that it is the red wire on that schematic (white) and the Grounded to Humbucker cavity (black), however, this diagram doesn't really tell me where to solder it. I could go one of 3 ways with the white and the black one is in the middle? I'd use some jargon, but I apparently have a limited vocabulary when it comes to the guts of guitars.
  16. Thanks! I saw that schematic, it's the only one I could find, I can't make heads or tails of it really unless I can find out which wire is which on that schematic of course. I'll try and figure that out, but if anyone's got any answers for me...fill in the ______ for me. Thanks!
  17. Guitar shops around here take forever to get things done, recently during a truss rod adjustment, I figured I'd take off my pick guard and straighten out the neck pup...kinda bashed down the magnets on accident, so I wanted to pop em back up, however, unfortunately I snapped one of the soldered wires from where it was soldered...where, I'm not sure, but maybe you know! Ah, soon after I took this picture, about 15 minutes before this post, I broke the black one (shown next to the white one) too...I looked at iCey's schematics, but that doesn't really help without a full view of what I'm lookin
  18. Yeah and stuff. Don't know how much longer I can hold out before my fingers completely freeze and fall off, but I'm happy to post again.
  19. Or, I could get AIDs and then give it to my friend. I like that idea much better. Or the action of giving the AIDs, I'm not sure.
  20. Dried blood all over the bottom of the pickguard, that's sweet, I should buy it, give the blood new life, drink it, and find out if I get aids.
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