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  1. I would buy a mustange bridge(same string spacing, only one deep channel for each) warmoth sells a modified version so you can raise/lower them individually like the jag's saddles, you can thannk me later = )
  2. Guitars that came with conversion necks that I'm positive of are Squier Cv Duo-sonic (25.5-24") , Squire Jagmaster 25.5 to 24"(you have to check the year made though, the second run has the conversion neck I believe.. (have one on my 90's MIM Duo-sonic right now), 1990'sFender MIM duo sonic reissue obviously (although the original neck is something like 25.5 - 22,75", can't really understand why they would't offer or just make the 24, PICKUPS ARE STELLAR.. i know there are more but you can find it with a little digging = )
  3. No secrect that fender has been making fsr guitars for quite some time now(as far as i can rember back,....) but look at these Beauties even the saddles are diff, and USA MADE all we get is made by the cort factory-squire edition (horrible pups by the way....can't even split the hb wouthout pullin it apart...) Translated link: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fender.jp%2Fpickup%2F1031.html&act=url original: http://www.fender.jp/pickup/1031.html EVEN COMES WITH JEFF BECK NIOSELESS CERAMICS!!!!!!!! and this is only the cyclone.. i could only imagine what thier squiers are like.......... >= (
  4. I've done it on my ultra-stang..... they should fit, i think i might have gotten the parts from stew mac.......anyways pretty much pasted the tone section of the g&L S-500 Like this.. if you want, email me at Fecalma100@aol.com and i'll send you modded schematic i made on how to do it >= ) [/img] only diff in tone sect. is that your bass and treb pots will be stacked.... (i used a 500k with an added resistor on the bass rolloff = )
  5. I happened to Run across a badass tool to customize your jag or jazzmaster with a bunch of diff. colors / pups / hardware / knobs /pickplate, ect, there's even a few diff. bridge combos. i used a screencapture tool to save what i came up with...( jet screenshot[freeware].) check it out: offsetguitars jaguar / jazzmaster dressing room: http://www.offsetguitars.com/dressing_room/index.htm
  6. try lowering the value of the resistor across the two lugs of the lead tone pot, that's what i did and it helped immensly, sounds waaaayyyyy better with moderate to heavy distortion.....
  7. ---- IF the guitar feels pretty much neck heavy, then in my experience it is basswood, if not then its most likely poplar if you take off the neck or pickplate and the unfinished wood can be dented easily with your fingernail, its basswood... poplar is far more dense.. my olympic white 69 ri stang was extremely light and way too easy to strip screws and ect...im pretty sure most of the standard 90's mexican standard strats were poplar, i know mine is.... if you can get near one try feeling the weight compared to your stang, likewise try one of the new 60's classic vibe duo-sonic, they're made of basswood.... light as hell... >= )
  8. a couple of washers and a tad longer screws seem to be the way to go. now my switches on the stang and jag only stick out maybe 1/8th of an inch...
  9. I think it was the basswood that was killing me although after i threw in the high output hb it helped alot, the 65's poplar just seemed to have twice as much sustain.....
  10. Thanks man, its pretty much all i could ever ask for..... all started when i moved and somehow lost everything but the bridge plate and neck.... the low/high cut makes all the difference in that i can still get pretty damn close to the stock sounds and dial in the chunk w/ the bucker(i play alot off F-A-S-T- punk rock so). the out of phase sounds are loaded with harmonics and enough gain for metal too = ) (but im not sure what you would call it when its full hb and out of phase neck... damn, now im itchin to jam just thinkin bout her! if i can find the wiring diagram i made ill be sure to post it = )
  11. Crappy quality, but..... SECOND FROM THE RIGHT.... the white stang is a 69 Ri with a synsonics terminator neck haha and tom ----- one-piece alder body w/ nitro finish,17k high output bucker(on/off/tap & hot single coil (on/off/out of phase) came outta a mid 90's u.s.a. peavey detonator.., trem routes filled and drilled ( post straight down), cloth shielded wiring, 500k independent low/high cut concentric tone pot (i wired her using the G&L s500 schem with a few changes of course..., 1 meg vol, celluliod brown torto guard, new gotoh tuners and warmoth "modified mustang bridge" and just one hell of a instrument... >= ) -----------
  12. KEEP THE NECK!!!!! it's hard as hell to find a 9.5" radius 24" neck.... if i could id swap my jag and mustang to all have those.... better action for lead and way less buzz, no choking off of notes past the 10/12th frets imho of course >= ) i think the neck(and the alnico v pups) is what takes the cake on the cv duo....
  13. i haven't had the chance to play the squire cyclone.... but try the duo.. its amazing... >= ) ive always liked the cyclone too though..but ive only played the fender vers. depends on the build quality i guess....
  14. so was feeling a bit euphoric and spendy the other day and decided to see if my local music store had and of the new duos. and they happened to have one... so i preceeded to check it out, all i have to say now is that its my fav guitar over my mex stnd 90's strat, my mij jag and my reissue/custom built(only thing original is the neck and the bridge assmbly)mustang, and my peavey detonator w/ floyd.... amazing tone ,finish, and overall craftmanship i can't friggin believe its a squire.... i mean damn, check one out f you get a chance. maybe i lucked out with a nice one but its amazing........beautiful..... quiet too , i might just try to track down a silver aluminum pickguard... it really doesnt need anything seriosly!!!!!!! check one out.
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