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  1. What I mean is since your using two master volumes for each pickup you can use different pots on each pickup to get different tones if you wanted to.Like on my Jag for the bridge I have a 250k and for the neck I have a 500k,but you don't have to do what I did,you can use the same value pots of your choosing.
  2. Here you go. Just remember you can use two different pots,like 500k on the bridge and 1meg on the neck for example.
  3. Yes,also I will draw you up a schematic here in a bit.
  4. Well you could wire it similar to a jazz bass but with no tone,just two master volumes for each pickup.Thats how I wired my jag and it sounds great,for the bridge pickup I have a 250k and for the neck pickup I have a 500k,you can even blend in both pickups.
  5. Getting the nirvana sound is not that hard to achieve but I will say kurts guitar at the reading festival in 92 sounds great,the distortion is so nice. A easy way to get that sound is to have your amp on clean(I use a marshall half stack)but have it slightly distorted,just mess with your amp until you get it to sound the way you like it and then step on your distortion pedal.
  6. I never had a JB humbucker,just a JB Jr but I would think a JB will sound a lot fuller.
  7. I see you have a JB Jr,nice pickup.I have the same one in my Bronco with a 500k pot and it sounds great.
  8. Your best bet is to take the pedal apart and use a multimeter to determine whats wrong with it,it could be a busted cap or a resistor is bad.
  9. Its made between 2002-2004. Q + 5 digits means you don't add the zero.
  10. I watched your build over at offsetguitars,simply brilliant.
  11. I have a SJAG-3 in my Jag with 250K pots and I get some killer distortion,I highly recommend it. Or you could get a JB Jr with some 500K pots and that will sound killer as well,thats what I have in my Bronco.
  12. I still have my Jagstang I first got in 95 but I've been neglecting it since I put my jagstang neck on my bronco,my bronco neck needs a refret. My jagstang right now has a hotrail in the bridge,the original humbcker is in the neck of my Tele and it sounds pretty good. Awesome story jazzstang.
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