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  1. I know I can get way more for it,does anyone know how much they really go for today.Sometime ago I did see one on ebay starting out at 1000.
  2. Well Im not to sure if I want to get rid of the guitar as I know its a rare color to have on a Jag.The only thing Im really interested in right now is vintage fender guitars.
  3. Well I bought my antigua jaguar at a pawnshop,but I did get a steal on it,I payed 380 for the guitar,it came with a softcase and a green fender guitar strap the matches the guitar pretty well.
  4. Here we go,a ulgy green mustang. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/msg/549812238.html Man I cant believe someone would do this to a vintage 66 mustang.But I have seen worse before.
  5. Has anyone done this mod before. I was thinking about doing it and wanted to see if anyone else has done it and got some good tones with it.Also how do you do this mod without using the claw as I removed mine some time ago.
  6. I have to go with the Toronado,I get some really great tones out of it,the best sounding guitar I have.I do like my Jaguar,but when I play live I play really hard and sometimes I'll hit one of the switches by accident,I'll most likely just disconnect it.Now if someone would have put the Fender Bronco to choose than that have been my number one choice.
  7. I like this Jag stang,I think black looks good on it.Just follow this link. http://greygarden.org/Guitars.html
  8. Yup,once I decide which other pickups I want unless you got some pickups you would like to trade.
  9. Well of course I know I can't get my Jag to sound like my Toronado,I just want some better sounding pickups than what the quater pound dishes out.
  10. Ok I have the quater pound pickups in my Jag,they do sound great but not good enough when Im playing a live show,there just not powerful enough with distortion.My Toronado on the other hand sounds awesome,no complaints with that guitar.Ok so can anyone recommend some good sounding pickups,if I have to I will go with full size humbuckers for the bridge and neck but that will be my last resort.
  11. Looks like a good smashing guitar.
  12. Very nice,I have a 1968 Fender Bronco and I love the neck on it.
  13. Yup its one of the best sounding guitars I have.
  14. lol,I know.All of the strings were loose.
  15. Thanks,yes I've I thought about it.I could just take the knobs off my Jag-Stang if needed.
  16. But I installed a quater pound bridge and neck pickups,now my Jag sounds awesome.Then I decided I really didn't like the white pickups covers,so I painted them black,now my Jag looks and plays great now. Here's a quick pic I just took.I have a gig pretty soon,now I can use my jag at the show.
  17. That toronado looks awesome with orange.I love my toronado,it sounds great clean and with distortion and its my guitar I always play live with.
  18. I dont like the Digitech gunge pedal,it doesnt have a full sound to it.What I use for distoration is a Boss OS-2.
  19. I would only do it if I had two of them,one to customize and one to keep original.It would look awesome with some humbuckers and a mustang or a jaguar neck.
  20. Wish I had one,I would customize the hell out of it.
  21. Very nice Mustang,wish I had the money,oh well. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300179367397
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