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  1. Here you go,more pics here. http://www.fenderjaguar.net/vintagegallery.htm
  2. Here you go. http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/vie ... 38#p266538
  3. Well if your referring to a Duo-Sonic II than yes its basically the same as a Mustang.
  4. Which one do you have,the original Fender Cyclone's had the same bridge pickup as a mim Toronado,they share the same scale length as well so there not to much different but I would not say it blows a Toronado out of the water.The Toronado I have sounds alot like a SG but with a fatter sound with alot of sustain. I do like the Cyclone's but I think the pickgaurd shape and strat trem is what put me off from buying one but I have played them before and there great sounding guitars none the less.
  5. A 24inch neck will not work but a 24.75inch jagmaster conversion neck should work and a 25.5 neck should work as well but not 100% on all of the info. The info about it is on offsetguitars.com but the site is down till Monday.
  6. Wow,if you have any pics I would love to see it. Also I have a strat neck on my Tele and it looks great in my eyes.
  7. They look great and I love how people complain about the headstock on the Telecaster Deluxe,thats how it's been since the Telecaster Deluxe came out in 1972. I wonder if they will offer one with a rosewood fretboard,thats would look awesome.
  8. Yea,someone one ebay is parting it out. Here is the neck. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-66-RI-Fende ... 3:3|294:50 And the body. http://cgi.ebay.com/2005-Vintage-66-RI- ... 3:3|294:50
  9. I seem them on ebay from time to time,the color is called Crimson Burst.
  10. Yes they have 4 wires,if its a MIM Tornado then it will have Fender Atomic Humbuckers,there great sounding pickups.
  11. The MIM Tornado's blow the Vista Jagmaster out of the water.
  12. Also a helpful hint when restringing,when you have the string in place put a nickel or a quarter in the turner so the string would pop out when tightening.
  13. Well you can always try it out with your stock pots,Im guessing there 250k. On my Bronco I was using the original 250k pots and it was muddy when using distortion. Throwing in a 500k pot really brought out the sound I wanted.
  14. I have a JB Jr in my Bronco and I get some killer distortion on it,clean sounds very nice as well,also the pickup does sound best with 500k pots.
  15. Bronco's are excellent guitars,grab that one if you can.
  16. There the same as vintage mustangs. Also if you want the whole neck refreted it will be around 220 and up.
  17. Have you tried to remove the claws,it can give microphonic when using high output pickups especially when using distortion,I highly doubt its the mustang bridge.
  18. For $1500 you could buy a vintage mustang.
  19. If you heard the distortion the way it sounds now it might change your mind,I don't like thin sounding guitars.
  20. Well for one remove the claws,that very well could be the problem. Also I have the SJAG3 bridge in my Jag,I didn't like it until I installed some 250k pots,it was way to thin sounding with the 1 meg pots when using distortion.
  21. This would be my dream guitar.I came up with this messing around in ms paint.
  22. Well you can always mod it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/flowtron/2711892857/
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