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  1. Fender Xii Fender Maverick Fender Musicmaster Fender Duo Sonic II Fender Coronado Fender Starcaster Fender Bronco
  2. Actually with no tone pot the guitar will be a little bit brighter than before.
  3. Not true,I got mine in 95 and it did not have the sticker on it.Someone else on this board has a 95 Jagstang as well and it never had the sticker.The stickers came about in 96 and so on.
  4. Well I just looked on ebay and there selling for well under a grand. #### I wounder how much my 95 fiesta red would go for. hehe I do love my jagstang but the best feature is obviously the neck hands down.
  5. http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/4356/1kurteq.htm
  6. Ah,lovely guitar you have.How is the neck on it,is it thick or thin. I have a squier bullet neck on my tele and I had to sand the back of the neck down alot as it was just to thick,now it pays alot better and now I have low action and plus I stained the neck to give it more or a amber color.
  7. Screw the others,the Vista is the only one worth getting. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/msg/1029335612.html
  8. I have thought about throwing a black guard on there but I like it as is.The color grows on you believe it or not.
  9. Well add a jaguar master control plate and the mustang vibrato then I think it would look ace.
  10. Oh yea,I did pay 200 for my 68 Bronco.
  11. Yea its the crappiest guitar I own lol.
  12. I payed 385 for my antigua Jaguar.
  13. I striped the body a long time ago,when I bought it someone painted it some crappy gold color,then under that was black then of course was fiesta red but it still looks fine with just the natural wood.Also I need to get my Bronco neck refreted bad,I have my Jagstang neck on it for now. But here is my Bronco for now,maybe I will keep it this way- haha http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/p ... 1231245167 I love it,one of the best things I like is there is never any type of buzz.
  14. I have the Ferrington Book and it has some very nice pics of it but no Kurt never did use it live,he said it was going to be his recording guitar but he was a little unhappy with it as he said the body was really heavy and the bridge pickup was not to his liking.
  15. Nice find I must say and yes pawn shops are awesome,thats how I got my antigua Jaguar for so cheap.
  16. I've been debating for a while if I should paint my Bronco orange.Here is a little mockup I did on my PC,should I just go for it.
  17. Well put in some 500k pots in there,I bet your still using the 1 meg pots as there way to bright for my taste.
  18. Cool,I have a JB Jr in my Bronco and I love it.Are you using the stock pots on your Mustang,I have thought about changing out my 250k pots on my 68 Bronco for some 500k but I just cant bring myslef so do it as there vintage pots but I know it would sound better.
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