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  1. They were all designed by KC so I'd assume they all have the sticker. It prolly just fell off.

    Not true,I got mine in 95 and it did not have the sticker on it.Someone else on this board has a 95 Jagstang as well and it never had the sticker.The stickers came about in 96 and so on.

  2. Ah,lovely guitar you have.How is the neck on it,is it thick or thin.

    I have a squier bullet neck on my tele and I had to sand the back of the neck down alot as it was just to thick,now it pays alot better and now I have low action and plus I stained the neck to give it more or a amber color.

  3. If I had the resourses and funds, I'd be painting it orange.

    But out of interest, what colour is it now?

    I striped the body a long time ago,when I bought it someone painted it some crappy gold color,then under that was black then of course was fiesta red but it still looks fine with just the natural wood.Also I need to get my Bronco neck refreted bad,I have my Jagstang neck on it for now.

    But here is my Bronco for now,maybe I will keep it this way- haha

    http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/p ... 1231245167

    what do you think of the vibrato?

    I love it,one of the best things I like is there is never any type of buzz.

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