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  1. Google is your friend. http://www.letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q ... ronco+Bass
  2. Mine is for the Bronco,the trem is awesome and I never have any buzz and plus it has one pickup which is another reason why I like it alot.But my neck needs to be refreted very badly but for now I have my jagstang neck on it and it now plays and sounds 10 times better than before.
  3. Well of course there not the same but I have a JB Jr in my Bronco and it sounds very nice,I get some real good distortion from it and Im still using the original 250k pots.
  4. I've seen some jagmasters turned to jazzmasters and it really looks great,you can't even tell it was a jagmaster at first.
  5. Well try out your 25.5 and see if everything intonate properly.
  6. http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/ind ... 000.0.html
  7. This might be of help. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0286045531
  8. I saw on offsetguitars.com that someone put a Jagmaster neck on there mim duo-sonic and he said it worked 100% and made the guitar play better but the neck could have been a conversion neck.
  9. Wow Fran,your jagstang is one of the nicest one's I have ever seen. And here is my 95 jagstang with a hot rail in the bridge.
  10. Awesome deal you got on the Mustang,add 100 more and thats what I payed for my Jaguar. Good deals are always the best.
  11. The Cyclone HH has atomic humbuckers which are very good in my opinion and sound a million times better than the stock Jag-Stang bucker.
  12. Awesome,glad it sounds good. And yes the neck is great looking,it kind of has some dark red in it as you can see on my Tele. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/pikkonson/26.png
  13. I have a squire bullet neck on my Tele and man its chunky on the back of the neck.I've been thinking about sanding it but other than that its a great neck. So are you going to upgrade your squire bullet.
  14. I have strat covers on my jag pickups and I think they look great.And my Jag sounds just as good as a humbucker,the distortion I get is very impressive.
  15. I just use volume,its all I really ever use,even on my other guitars I rarely use the tone pot.
  16. Im not using a cap,I have no need for one.
  17. Thats the Tele Kurt painted using latex paint I believe. And here is Kurts other Tele. http://www.rockstarsguitars.com/product ... &x=0&y=824
  18. Well on my mim tele the neck is routed for a humbucker and I installed a new pickguard and threw my jagstang humbucker in the neck,sounds very nice I must say.Also I have been thinking about getting a new bridge pickup or getting it routed it for a bridge humbucker.
  19. Well I know the mim Tele's have the neck routed for a humbucker but the pickguard would have to be routed are maybe some sanding could be done instead.
  20. Thanks,I just have electrical tape on it to make it less noticeable but I would love to put a Mustang guard on there but I know it would not be a good fit as I saw here. http://www.jag-stang.com/FAQ/index.php? ... id=106&c=1 Has anyone ever modified a mustang guard to fit a jagstang? I might pickup up a cheap mustang guard and see what happens.
  21. Well I gave it one last shot and threw my hotrail in and now it sounds awesome,it looks kind of weird but it works. Check out the pic. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/p ... 0_0771.jpg So I guess my other pickups are screwd up
  22. Well I did some more test with a different humbucker and I still got the same results but now I know exactly what the problem is and its definitely the way the pickup is angled.The low e sting does not line up at all on the pickup so I moved the low e sting closer to the pole pieces and the problem went away and the guitar sounded nice and bright so I guess I will go the route and get a srtight humbucker.
  23. Well I have other pickups I can try out so Im not SOL yet lol.
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