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  1. Its not the cap as I can hook it up to just the volume pot and I get the same results,I'll mess with it some more but this guitar is pissing me off as I really don't want to route the body for a stright humbucker as I know the bridge pickup pretty much does not line up at all with the strings,that the only thing I can think of.Also I have tried many different 500k pots and it still sounds like I have 250k pots in there.
  2. Well I threw my super distortion in as well as some alpha 500k pots in my Jagstang and wired it up just like my Bronco and my Jagstang still has way to much bass using distortion,not really bright at all. Anyone have any ideas,all I want is the distortion to sound bright.
  3. Here is a pic to give you an idea of what it would look like. http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll82 ... ch-420.jpg
  4. I have these pickups in my Jag and I really love the sound it gets,I for the most play alternative/punk rock and it gets the sound I need.Also I installed some 250k pots and wired my Jag just like my Bronco.As for effects I use a OS-2,SD-1 and a CH-1 and it sounds awesome.
  5. Why don't you just route and put some jazzmaster pickups in there.
  6. Your Jag is a 94 to 95 model,same year as my Jagstang,and no MIJ is just as good as a CIJ. Also I would recommend to change out the bridge pickup,the japanese jag pickups are pretty bad. And congrats on your Jag
  7. Acually I put my jagstang humbucker in the neck of my Tele and it really sounds great clean,I was pretty surprised how good of a clean sound I got out of it.
  8. You can get one here but its out of stock until the end of November. http://www.huort-ch.com/lang_eng/en_hardware.htm Just click on available parts and you will see it.
  9. Cool,I got a Telecaster pickguard from there and its pretty good quality,much better than I expected.
  10. Man that sucks dude. Also this site has some really cheap and cool Squier 51 pickguards. http://store.guitarfetish.com/sq51cupi.html
  11. People even in the 70's heavily modified fender guitars,the pickguard is most likey modified,all you need is a router and a steady hand,samething applies to the body.
  12. Sure,the X2N has a higher output than a Super Distortion but it balances out pretty well.I know alot of metel dudes love this pickup as it gives a very awseome metel sound.Go on youtube and type in X2N and you can hear what it can do.I read its the highest output of all DiMarzio humbucker's.
  13. The one I have in from the 80's but I really need to put in some 500k pots in my jagstang as its to muddy with distortion using 250k pots.
  14. I have a DiMarzio X2N humbucker and it sounds killer in my Jagstang,it has more bite than a Super Distortion in my book.
  15. He is using a buzz stop but I would suggest gettig a mustang bridge.
  16. Here's one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0081023356 Also MIJ and CIJ are the same thing.
  17. The one you would need would be this. http://www.piersphilo.co.uk/images/jagmaster%20main%201.jpg Easy way to tell if its a Vista it has the truss rod at the bottom just like on a Mustang.
  18. Well its all there,you know a Mustang uses a 24" neck so find a Jagmaster with a 24" neck.
  19. Should answer your questions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagmaster
  20. Not unless you get a Jim Root Telecaster which have EMG active pickups but there expensive.
  21. I have a 2005 mim tele,the bridge pickup is good but its weak on distortion compared to my other guitars with have seymour duncan's and dimarzio's. But very nice deal on your Tele,want a steal.
  22. Its a 25.5 scale,Im thinking its a 2002 model but not sure.
  23. No bridge but the neck is routed for a humbucker. But there is a DiMarzio Super Distortion DP318 made for Tele's,I might end up picking up one in the future.
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