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  1. The Bass VI body is bigger and the shape is different.
  2. I got it working,just had to rewire it again.Well I really don't like the pickup,not my taste for the most,the distortion it gives out it pretty weak in my book.But on the other hand Im getting a Dimarzio Super Distortion and a Dimarzio X2N so I'll be happy with that.
  3. Yup,I bought my Jaguar for 385,pawn shops are the best.
  4. I saw this on craigslist a week ago,it looks ok but thats about it.But I will say Fender Atomic Humbuckers are some very nice pickups.
  5. I tried that and many settings on my amp,still sounded like shi't for the most.I think the pickup is screwed up,oh well.
  6. Well my strat did have 500k pots when I threw the pickup in,it was way to much treble so I got some 250k pots,it made no difference at all between the 500 pots and the 250 pots with the pickup in so Im out of idea's.The pickup is for strats with 250k pots.
  7. Ok so have a seymour duncan hot rail pickup for the bridge,the problem is the pick up has way to much treble and I mean alot even with 250k pots is still way to much.I threw in another pickup just to make sure and its sounds great with the 250k pots.So is my hot rail pickup messed up,I installed it correctly as I have JB JR which is the same wiring. Any help would be great.
  8. Yea the Bronco only has a bridge pickup,nothing else.But I installed a JB JR in my Bronco and it sounds great,the distortion is awesome.But I threw the hot rail in my squire strat,it sounds very good but I need to change the cap and it should be ready for some live gigs.
  9. From what I remember after Kurt died Courtney said she wanted to give the song to Iggy Pop.
  10. Awesome,Im going to keep the original 250k pots in my Bronco,there old as hell but still work just fine.
  11. Well I got another bridge pickup,only cost me 34 bucks so Im pretty happy with that.How many of you on here use this pickup.Im going to throw the pickup in my Bronco when it gets here and plus Im starting another band so it will be nice to see what this pickup can dish out. Well enough of my little rant.
  12. Well all in all if its your dream guitar than go for it.
  13. A dimarzio super distortion humbucker should do the trick,on your pots they should be 500k if so than you really dont need to change your pots at all but Im not 100% sure.
  14. I wasted no money on the pots,I took the pots out of a ####ty guitar that I never use and also I really never use the neck pickup but its a S-JAG neck pickup so it should sound just fine. And Im well aware of pots and my Jag sounds alot better than before,I dont like my guitars to bright.And yes I already tried rolling back the volume and tone before I change the pots and it does not sound the same to me,it sounded like ####.And I have been playing music for a long time now so I know what kind of sound I like and don't like.
  15. I just won one on ebay for about 50 bucks shipped so Im excited.Im going to throw it in my Jaguar and I already installed some 500k pots in my jag so hopefully I will get some very nice distortion.Now I need to decide which guitar I will thow my old jag pickup in,which is a SJAG-3,maybe my Bronco might come in favor.
  16. Yours would most likely look the same.The guy looks like he used a flash when he took the picture.Oh and for the hell of it I found some of these awsome guitars on craigslist. http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/msg/786876037.html http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/msg/787243638.html
  17. So the one your getting is this. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v82/brokenstrings15/3238724_Fender_Mustang_Sonic_Blue.jpg Nicely done and beautiful guitar.
  18. Yup,I use it as a distortion pedel more than anything,plus I was using my Toronado.
  19. Ok here it is. http://rantware.com/wt/01%20-%20Leap%20Year%20Day%202008.mp3 Don't be to critical lol
  20. I've been using the Boss OS-2 pedel for years now,hell I even have a backup just in case.I can get some really great distortion and pretty good overdrive with it,I also have a SD-1 and I really like it alot.I like to combine the OS-2 distortion with the SD-1 and I get some killer distortion from it.If it was me I would go for the OS-2. If you want to here what the OS-2 sounds like I have a live show of my band,the distortion sounds pretty good,I can post a link if you want to hear.
  21. That price is way to much,I could get a awesome fender vintage guitar for that price.
  22. Well I took the rest of the strings off and threw them on another guitar.I need to throw a humbucker in that guitar,it sounds like shi.t with distortion
  23. Here is my crappy fender squire,and yes I put electrical tape on the neck,I think it looks pretty cool. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/pikkonson/fendersquire.png
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