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  1. Tuners that intimate? Never heard of such a thing! Intonation is set by increasing or decreasing the length of string that rings when you strike it, to intonate with tuners, you'd need a stationary bridge, with tuners that slide up and down the headstock! I'd be amazed if a company had made such a thing, the traditional setup is easy to use.
  2. Comp stripes can be painted or stuck on then clear coated, duct tape is terrible for that, fine line tape is what you need, but the mention of duct tape tells me you'll make a right hash of it! You cannot flip a right handed control plate over, the front side edges are slightly radiused where as the back edges are not.
  3. Yeah I guess so. Frustrating though, but the misses is not keen on me making stainless exhausts in the spare room, had enough trouble convincing her my amp was a good practice amp and belonged in the living room!
  4. How old are you then Brandon? I'd love my own workspace, I work as a welder and spray painter in my job but the cars are my pastime, I'd have my own exhaust making business if I had the space, but renting one in the UK right now is crazy money!
  5. I love it On one hand it's a whole lot more than I need, I'm a dad and work on cars more than I play guitar, but if I can buy that setup for cheaper than a second hand Marshall mode 4, why the hell not right!?
  6. If you like solid state, noone will change your mind. For me, solid state is good for a practice amp, but like Brandon said, the sheer volume of a smaller wattage tube amp will kill it, and the biggest difference is clarity Run the same guitar through a solid state and tube amp while blindfolded, and noone would pick the solid state amp. Solid state for practice or if you're on a budget, but if you havethe cash, you have to buy a tube amp.
  7. It's cracking mate. I've only ever tried it through that cab, which isnt great for camparison because the cab is truly amazing, but it's well upto the job. Searing leads and feedback at the low output setting, my house isnt too small, but the low output setting and turning the knob to 1 and a half is enough to make the walls shake with heavy bassy palm mutting. First day we have that's sunny, i'll take it into the garden and make a video of me cranking it. Amazing bargains too, got the cab for £205, i had the jmp-1 already, but got the 50/50, engl, g-major in a 4u marshall flight case for £550. The last time i saw a 50/50 for sale it was £500, and those cabs are £2000 brand new, and miles better than a boogie.
  8. One of these...... Through this Marshall JMP-1 preamp, 100 channels for the win, and the gain and volume go upto 20! Engl E530 preamp Tc electronics G-Major effects unit Mesa Boogie 50/50 VHT 4x12 with V30s
  9. Cool let us know when you've finished that, i'll give it a go. I've never listened to Judas Priest to be perfectly honest, a bit before my time. The first i heard of them was on Beavis and Butthead in the early 90's, then i found out later that my dad worked with a guy who was a session guitarist on one of their albums, met him later, prick lol. I've never had problems with cams cause i never use them, it's the video making software that bugs me. I used to use windows movie maker, quick and easy, but it would degrade the sound, the MP3 would sound really good, but by the time i made a video out of it, it was bad. Now i have Adobe premiere pro, easy to make vids, the sound is exact as on the MP3, takes less than 10 seconds to convert to video, but youtube takes about 15 mins a song to upload, and i have 20gig broadband. ALex is gonna be pissed i hijacked this thread.
  10. Yeah that's mine, i have a few more on youtube and lots to go, but it's making the vids and uploading them. MP3's, easy life, videos, pain.
  11. Sorry Rox, strats rule, and that's near enough the same setting i used for the nirvana ones and bring it on down by oasis.
  12. I don't purposely try to sound like a prick, i say it how i see it and sometimes it upsets people. If you love those guitars then there isn't anything i can say that'll change your mind on it, apart from maybe breaking the law breaking the law! I do actually have a recording of me playing that, but if i stick it up now then it'll really look like i want to piss people off when i don't. Yes i play a strat and i'll stop now
  13. That does look nice, does it hold it's tuning well? I really need to get around to buying my first acoustic.
  14. It might be thinner, but unless someone had it refinished in nitro before you got it, it's a poly finish. Most PRS guitars are poly finished, it's something that most people won't pay for, so guitar companies don't want to increase costs for effectively no reason at all. The whole nitro Vs. poly tone debate is bull#### i think, i've painted alot of things before now, and i've played and took guitars apart since about 1994 when i was 14, for badass tone in any electric, pickups and electronics will give you the most tonal differences, then strings, then woods. The amount or type of clearcoat is a non issue, you want it clear, and you want it tough, poly for the win. If you went to PRS for a guitar, and they said do you want it with a hard finish or do you want it with a softer finish, which you gonna pick? Even if they were the same price you'd pick the poly one right? Or am i wrong? Anyone else got a view on this?
  15. I've never liked hi flyers for three reasons It looks like it's upside down, The angled neck pickup looks out of place, And three, they look huge in it! Look at the hiflyer in the above pic, then look at this picture See the resemblance? The pickups are straight out of Rob Halford's wardrobe, nuff said.
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