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  1. i read somewhere about a guy who wound a bass pickup using a handdrill, so it may not be so hard to setup a simple winding machine yourself. i think he just clamped a handdrill in a vice and attached the pickup to the gear and set the wire on a spool and just kept turning.
  2. well for whatever reason even though my new rp155 was supposed to be box new it needed a facory reset (which i tried as a last ditch attempt after a UK plug failed to work) but the sucker works and i ####in love it, its way more than i was expecting. its like having £10000s worth of gear in one tiny package, albeit with less resale value. i'm especially enjoying mixing a jcm900 with a tubescreamer
  3. im sure its possible, didnt someone on here make a replica of the john squire jag or something using a Precision bass body? they did have t fill in some parts of i'm sure though
  4. i got a digitech RP155 for my birthday and ive been without a guitar for like 2 weeks and i was so psyched about getting home and trying it out, a whole 10 distortion pedals and everything but its an american model and it wont work with a US/UK AC AC adaptor, for some reason, why the hell not?
  5. that dollars yeah? youre probably not far off i sold a spider II 100W solid state for about £80 to a second hand shop (i'm not sure on the exact amount, i traded it for a 12 string, it cost £130 ish, having bought the amp 2nd hand for £100 i paid £50 plus the amp)
  6. actually that might not have been so bad if they hadnt made such a mess of it where the pickguard overhangs the edge
  7. ive decided if i get another guitar then i want a mustang, of course. and one just like this: http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/4629 ... ustdbf.jpg i take it from the image name its a 65, but how do they differ from 69s and what else should i need to know about mustangs before buying? like wood type, good years/bad years etc
  8. well, now that i have no tech i need to fix my strats jammed rod. the neck is bowed up enough that its not so playable and ive tightened the nut till it wont tighten anymore. for this do i just destring, remove the headstock plug and just undo the nut till it comes out then put it back on again? or do you have to do the washer thing?
  9. yeah i knew you could get fender trems with two pins, i just wondered if it was an idea to do this on a standard 6 screw trem, not that i own one.
  10. this is just an idea i had, would it be an improvement to a standard strat trem if you removed the 6 screws and replaced them with screws that have no threading under the head, and maybe only used 4, 2 on either side?
  11. i ue panasonic RP-HT225 headphones, they are cheap, (like
  12. cant be worn, much, ive only had it a few months, it was almost unplayed when i got it.
  13. i have an issue with my floyd rose, being a floating trem its sensistive to dipping while bending so its kind of impossible to bend one string while playing another cause it just falls out of tune, is the only answer to this blocking the trem? i'm using 10ga strings
  14. i knew it, it knew someone would see the title and think about hairy necks, well my tech said it can be done to any spec but i wasnt sure, sounds like it would be expensive since it will probably have to be done progressively, a bit at a time to get the right result.
  15. i have a thing, the neck on my strat is thick, not sure exactly what profile it is, the seller said it was a thick C, but C isnt meant to be thick is it? feels more like it might be a D, or at least a tele neck. anyway, it just isnt quite right for me so can any of the luthier types here tel me is having the neck shaved down is a practical option or does it work out better to get a new neck?
  16. i'm likeing the idea of an ibanez tubescreamer actually, the ts9 model looks good, not sure about the ts7, and the 808 and new 4 knob one are a bit too much.
  17. right, time for new post. ive been listening to nirvana recently, properly for like the first time ever, (holy sh*t i know!!!) i never really bothered before cause id either heard all the singles 100000000 times before or was too young to really appreciate the early/rare stuff and i'm getting a liking for the simple distortion on/off technique, and just pedal distortion in general as opposed to marshall/mesa patches. i'm strongly considering getting an upgrade to my digitech rp50, like the 155 series as that has a bunch of stomp boxes and also it means i can cross breed it with my old one fo
  18. i thought to myself not long ago, for a fender guy its odd you dont have any standard strats. and now you've created a guitar almost idential to my strat
  19. 565Q crybaby, same as adam jones. a cool pedal, really flexible, has two tone controls for sharp/soft tone and short/long sweep and a gain boost.
  20. ahhahahahahahaha, oh the pain, the pain of laughing, colostomy bag explosion, thats a cracker. a band at the adelphi club was called scalpel sodomy.
  21. isnt it possible to make an amplifier out of a valve radio? as luck would have it i have access to a valve radio and wondered how much handy work is involved.
  22. if that were the question then no, no i dont like boris johnson, at all, how the feck did he get to be londons mayor?
  23. come to think of it no, i looked and found nothing, the diagram just said the bridge has the yellow wire and they are all 10.4k, so i guess it doesnt matter. i was worried that i wouldnt get a proper humbucker sound in 2nd and 4th, but of course it wont make any difference. ok i'm happy now.
  24. nevermind, i got a set and wired them today, now my strat sounds like a strat and its good. one thing bothers me though; the middle pickup. it has to be reverse wound to be hum canceling, but how do you know which one is the middle, they are identical apart from the bridge which has the yellow wire. if i accidentally put the middle in the neck presumably the hum cancel would only work in position 4, or for some reason are neck and middle pickups the same?
  25. heres a curious one, are they singles or humbuckers?, or half and half?
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