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  1. the problem with building my own, is im pretty much a noob when it comes to guitars, so id just end up #### up the wiring or something if i went to build my own are there any other guitars with the third bridge that i would be able to find left handed, cause thats all im really looking for (im a big fan of alt rock and shoegaze), and i know the jazzmaster/jaguar/mustang all have that, but im not aware of any other brand that makes them (besides the out of business Univox), and i really dont wanna get like a strat, and stick a screwdriver in the neck - i cant see that being good for the guitar
  2. do they still make left handed jazzmasters? i was told at my local guitar shop that they no longer do, but is that only here (Canada) or is that world wide? also one of my friends jokingly told me to get a righty and flip it like hendrix did - is that even possible with a jazzmaster, or does the tremolo arm make that pretty much unplayable if flipped any help in my search for a left handed jazzmaster would be appreciated
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