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  1. At Ikebe Gakki they have a 3 pickup mustang (HMG65-SM), with a 3-way switch...the just have one, but are they gonna make more It reminds me of Thurston's Duo: http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/goods_detail.php?g_id=137803
  2. Oooh...thanks I still find it confusing
  3. Has anyone tried any of these wirings on their mustang? And what does those black squares mean? I get confused just by looking at them, so can anyone make some drawing that are easier to read?
  4. I'm actually making one now. I just need a neck and a pickguard ...but i'm broke, so it's gonna take a while before I'm done with it
  5. I have no idea of what you're talking about . I havnt heard that on my guitar
  6. nevermind.. those are basswood Whats wrong with basswood? Why do u have to have poplar? My basswood mustang is nice
  7. If you dont live in the US, you can just buy a yellow mustang for Japan and then put comp stripes on it
  8. WoooW! It's looks great dude! I think it would even better if it had rosewood fretboard
  9. No its not a custom painting, it's called RYL. Fender Mustang And no it doesn't have a machting stock, but it's still cool
  10. Hi, I'm new here and I bought a Japanese mustang from Ishibashi webshop a week ago, and today i got it! I love it! I'll upload more pics later if you want...
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