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  1. nobody else noticed the lil yellow duck in the ebay pics? just me really? wow.
  2. New sonic blue jagstang, with tags and stickers, everything. lucky whoever gets it. http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-JAG-STANG-EL ... 2eaceb8a65
  3. lefties look so more bad ass than righties
  4. Yeah i recognize that body from a post you had a long time ago about putting it together. You should of sold it to me i would've if i knew u wanted it. lol i sold it to some guy in Europe i think..i cant even remeber.
  5. i like the look of white jagstangs, almost a hint of sonic blue.
  6. really great video, enjoyed it. my old jagstang body i bought was on there, u could put my name in if u want. Tyler - 1:58 Good job.
  7. Ive never really noticed how small the jagstang looks
  8. yeah i kinda figured after lookin at the prices of everything tat it would've been much harder than i thought, more expensive too. So, i sold that body and everything and bought me a 03 RI jagstang. saved me ALOT of work and hassle and time. glad i did.
  9. we need more luthiers on this site! quick! somebody learn how to make stuff!
  10. if i knew how to fix it i'd get it, put a lefty neck on a righty body, look pretty sweet. hendrix style
  11. i use earnie ball super slinky's, very good strings
  12. well, atleast im not the only one I'm not the only one No eyeyeyeye'm not the oooonly one No eyeyeye'm not the ooonly one Sorry, couldn't help myself, you just made it too easy to pass up... i never thought of that
  13. ive used one of those pickguards before, they are good quality. Dazbootman is a great pickguard maker. But, there are ppl on here who could make you one, aug does that work.
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