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  1. really great video, enjoyed it. my old jagstang body i bought was on there, u could put my name in if u want. Tyler - 1:58 Good job. :wink:

    Yeah i recognize that body from a post you had a long time ago about putting it together. You should of sold it to me :)

    i would've if i knew u wanted it. lol i sold it to some guy in Europe i think..i cant even remeber. :-tired

  2. yeah i kinda figured after lookin at the prices of everything tat it would've been much harder than i thought, more expensive too. So, i sold that body and everything and bought me a 03 RI jagstang. saved me ALOT of work and hassle and time. glad i did. :-D

  3. I have an '03 reissue and it says Jag-70 on the neck as well. I can't remember if there was anything on the body however, and I don't feel like taking my new strings off and removing the neck anytime real soon... I'll try to remember to check next time I do and post my findings...

    well, atleast im not the only one :lol:

    I'm not the only one

    No eyeyeyeye'm not the oooonly one

    No eyeyeye'm not the ooonly one


    Sorry, couldn't help myself, you just made it too easy to pass up...

    :lol: i never thought of that

  4. i had an 04 re-issue,(fran has it now)

    i can't realy remember what it was stamped, but i do remember the numers were alot different than my og 96 version(for obviousreasons i s'pose)

    on my 96 however there is a heal stamp of "oct 96" and someone else has a j.s. of the same year but the heal is blank.

    hmm, then maybe its normal for my neck pocket to be blank, Cuz if you have a 96 js and its stamped, then another person has a 96 js and its not stamped, then i guess its a normal accurance at the factory.

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