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  1. how much? is its more than a 69ri mustang *shakes head* i was right, UPS truck pulled into my driveway and left a huge ass box. ITS TEH KURTZZZZZ i paid $420 for it, its fiesta red '03 RI.
  2. there's been ALOT of jagstangs on the bay recently, luckily i snatched one up while i could. should get it today.
  3. there's a lefty fiesta red jagstang on ebay right now. bidding starts at $500
  4. your jag-stang kicks so much ass mad-mike! i love it!
  5. yeah im havin 2nd thoughts bought changin the pup and orange drop..idk ill have to wait to see how it sounds stock.
  6. im not switching out all the electronics, all im doin is replacin the stock bucker with a dimarzio super distortion, and replacin the old cap wit the orange drop. everything else is gonna be kept stock.
  7. i went ahead and bought a .022 orange drop. i do only need one right? for the tone pot?
  8. i've heard that 500k are better for buckers too, but i have a jb in my mustang with the stock pots and no mods and it sounds great.
  9. would i need to get 500k pots? or would it sound fine with the stock pots, a new humbucker and an orange drop? i got a dimarzio super distortion btw, i figured since i have a seymour duncan jb in my mustang, id try dimarzio in my jagstang
  10. puttin new bucker in my js, wat orange drop should i get for the stock 250k tone pot?
  11. yeah. oh hey, i have a question, which orange drop should i get? im pretty sure imma change the humbucker, and the pots r still 250k.
  12. yeah, ive been thinkin about wat mods i wanna do to it..im still pretty unsure if i wanna change the humbucker or not, and about gettin an orange drop. The guy put some wierd ass knobs on it and im definitly gonna change those to dome knobs Also he has some wierd sticker on it which has gotta come off. Im thinkin about a tune o matic but unsure if i should because i hate high action and i heard thats what they cause.
  13. sweet. oh hey mcconnachiea, sorry but i went ahead and bought another, i just figured $800 was alittle too much for one, i got one for $450 shipped. Almost half of what you wanted for yours, not even including shipping.. which woulda been high since i live in america. sorry man.
  14. what kind of dome chrome knobs would fit a jagstang? I noticed mad-mike and some others have them on thier jagstangs and they look awesome! Would the standard telecaster ones fit?
  15. lol i did? i thought it was i before e except after c? haha our language is messed up and has no real rules so true
  16. lol i did? i thought it was i before e except after c?
  17. yeah i would've, look on ebay, that reliablefender guy took apart a '98 sonic blue jagstang and is sellin all the parts individually.DAMN!
  18. it is in great conditon, ill give him that. but seriously, is he mental?
  19. i swear to god, look at what came up on ebay right after i sold my body. http://cgi.ebay.com/Official-1998-Fende ... tsupported
  20. wierd way this guy describes his jagstang. look at the price he wants for it.. http://cgi.ebay.com/Amazing-Fender-Jags ... tsupported
  21. ill stick with original so when i have the money u want me to pm u or what? and can i pay by paypal? all my money is in there
  22. lol yeah, i was desperate before i sold it
  23. GREAT! i can deal with those mods! dude i just sold my body for $200, so as of now i have $500 bucks, ill most likely get $800 in a month or too, ONLY $300 more to go! can u post pics of the js?
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